DECEMBER 2020 Writing Update #2: Google Play Witchcraft

DECEMBER 2020 Writing Update #2: Google Play Witchcraft

He’s not just handsome. He’s striking in a way that causes a heart to trip and a breath to catch.

    Alice never realized before that beauty could be threatening.

    Until now.

— quote from secret project —


Well, this update sure starts out rather mysterious, huh? Suddenly Google Play has been linked to witchcraft, and I’m sharing quotes from a “secret project”…

If I still haven’t grabbed your attention by now, I’m not sure anymore what else to to 😉


• All of my ebooks are now also available on Google Play

They are!! I’m pretty excited about this, because I noticed there is quiet a number of people who buy their ebooks on Google Play instead of Amazon or Kobo — and since I want my books to be available for as many readers as possible, worldwide, this feels like a rather important step 🙂

So, if you’re interested, you can check out my catalogue here.

But… what does Google Play have to do with witchcraft?

Absolutely nothing.

But read on for a witchy update…


• Secret Project

As I said in my first Writing Update of December, I’ve started working on a fun side project this month, just to get my mind off the Kissing Monsters series and the Insomnia Saga for a bit. Without giving much away of the story (we’re speaking early phases here, so I really can’t share the plot with you guys yet; I’m so sorry!!), it has elements such as witchcraft, magical — but poisonous — spiders, and an intense and broody romance (the guy’s name is Dante. Need I say more?).

However, a week ago I still believed it would be a stand-alone book.

That changed drastically last weekend.

I don’t know anymore why I even bother to try and write stand-alones; I seem to be incapable of it. I wrote the plot outline for this book about 6 months ago, during the summer, and then it felt to me the story would make a solid read. And it probably would have, but… as I began working on the manuscript last week, I started seeing all these opportunities to flesh out the characters, to improve the world-building, that would make the story so much deeper and more meaningful… Also, I’ve totally fallen in love with the main characters, Alice and Dante. They’re so different from Kiss and Zane, for example, yet to me their connection feels just as strong ♥️

All of this made me decide to turn it into a series after all.

At the moment I’m thinking it will be a 4-part series, every installment slightly longer than a Kissing Monsters book — the plan is between 150 – 180 pages.

SO. This means 1) I am giving up on stand-alones, because apparently I am a pathological series writer or something (is that a thing?), 2) I’m currently working on a THIRD series… I must be mad. I mean, I’m not even sure yet how I’m going to be working on three series at once, but, uhm… yeah. I’ll probably make it work, knowing me. Because I’m utterly mad. (But glad to be 😀 )


As for non-writing daily life updates…:


• Lockdown

The Netherlands officially went into lockdown yesterday, and today all schools that were still open have closed. I remember when this happened the first time in March, I felt terribly restless and anxious. I actually feel nothing of that now. Maybe I’m just kind of used to the thought that things are no longer the same?

In all honesty, it really doesn’t make a difference for me. I’ve been in preventive quarantine for nine months now — to protect my family and myself —, meaning I have been living inside constantly. I haven’t gone out once (okay, apart from a bike ride and a short walk). I see others complain on Facebook and Twitter that they can’t go anywhere, and that their inspiration for creative endeavors is blocked because they can’t go out and get a cup of coffee… and it’s just so strange to me. Sure, I do miss going out for my runs and walks, and I really enjoyed visiting my city’s botanical gardens and I loved going to the cinema, but to me it doesn’t feel like the end of the world if I can’t do it anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to when things will settle down a bit and I can at least go for a run (I miss those terribly), but I’ve always loved being at home ♥️

I hope, if you’re also living in quarantine and/or your country has gone into lockdown, that you’re doing well and still enjoying life 😉 Stay healthy, stay safe!!


This wraps up the second December update! I’ll be back later this month with the release of KISSING NIGHTMARES (next week!!) as well as the annual blog post some of you are already familiar with, in which I look back and reflect at the past year 🙂 Hope to see you there!


— Lynn


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