OUT NOW | FREE EBOOK: The Insomnia Files: FILE #1 JODI COLLINS (Insomnia Saga 0.1)

OUT NOW | FREE EBOOK: The Insomnia Files: FILE #1 JODI COLLINS (Insomnia Saga 0.1)

“Surround me with Light and give me strength; this shield is my protection and my weapon”


It’s finally here! The Insomnia Files: FILE #1 JODI COLLINS is a prequel to the Insomnia Saga, an action-packed Dark Fantasy Upper Young Adult series, set in a fictional modern world, where people can wield actual Light as a weapon which they use to fight the greatest enemy of mankind—demons, called the Nightprowlers.

JODI COLLINS is a prequel short story especially written for first-time Insomnia Saga readers, introducing the main character, Jodi Collins. This short story takes place 4 years prior to the first book in the series, INSOMNIA.

Best of all? It’s a FREE download!



• FREE EBOOK: The Insomnia Files, FILE #1: JODI COLLINS (Insomnia Saga #0.1)



“Don’t make a sound,” I whisper.

Peering through the shelves, I can’t take my eyes off the giant on the other side. It’s a creature with an oval-shaped head, a slender body, elongated arms, hands with pointy fingers, and long legs with which it takes big, silent steps.

Like a two-legged spider, hunting for its prey.


For first-time Insomnia Saga readers


A Nightprowler marked her and covered her in scars that will forever stigmatize her as an outcast:

A Sleepwalker.

A year after the attack, thirteen-year old Jodi Collins starts working for the Summoners to keep herself and her parents alive in this new, brutal life of discrimination and hate.

The Summoners are a worldwide army that have been fighting the Nightprowlers for centuries—and by working for them, Jodi will be forced to fight these creatures responsible for ruining her future.

On a dark, wintery night, Jodi is sent on a mission to find a young missing boy. The clock is ticking—if she’s too late, he will end up the same as her.

A toy store. A maze of dolls and monsters.

A world where light and darkness collide.

Jodi has to prove herself and overcome her greatest fear:

confronting the demons of the Night. And fight them.

[This short story takes place four years prior to the first book in the series, INSOMNIA.]





  • This eBook also contains a sample of the first few chapters of INSOMNIA!



I hope you will enjoy this short story, and that Jodi will manage to capture your heart as she did mine 🙂 And, of course, I hope it’ll make you guys look forward to the release of INSOMNIA, on February 11th 2020, in which Jodi’s story will truly begin — as well as give you more background info about her life and what the fight against the Nightprowlers is truly about.


Are you ready to become a Summoner?


Thank you for reading!


— Lynn



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Lees SCHIMMENSTAD in stijl: gratis wallpapers!

Lees SCHIMMENSTAD in stijl: gratis wallpapers!

Misschien heb je Schimmenstad, het vijfde deel van de Schimmenwereld Serie, inmiddels allang gelezen… maar dan nog: Wist je dat er gratis wallpapers te downloaden zijn van Schimmenstad?!


>>>Breng gauw een bezoekje aan de freebies-pagina en download een wallpaper voor je iPad, iPod of smartphone en lees Schimmenstad in stijl!<<<


Eigenlijk staan de wallpapers al online sinds de release van het boek, maar bij deze herinner ik jullie er toch nog even aan! Om heel eerlijk te zijn gebruik ik de wallpapers zelf ook – zo blijf ik namelijk helemaal in stijl terwijl ik hard verder schrijf aan Schimmenstof, het zesde deel van de Schimmenwereld Serie


• Schimmenwereld madness!

Yeees! Volgende week volgt er weer een schrijfupdate waarin ik meer vertel over het schrijfproces van Schimmenstof (en als je meer wil weten, check dan mijn social media kanalen, met name Facebook en Twitter, waarop ik de work in progress helemaal bijhoud en dagelijks updates plaats!) én in februari zal er een BEHIND THE SCENES-artikel verschijnen over het schrijven van Schimmenstad!


Stay tuned, awesome people! 😀

– Lynn

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