DECEMBER 2019 Writing Update: releasing JODI COLLINS, finishing NOCTURNE, and merry Christmas

DECEMBER 2019 Writing Update: releasing JODI COLLINS, finishing NOCTURNE, and merry Christmas

Dear Sleepwalkers,

It is time to say goodbye to December, and what a month it has been.

I don’t know about you guys, but every year, instead of slowing down, I tend to channel some extra “fuel” to power through the last month — just to get all those last things done, just to do something extra, all so I can take a deep breath at the end and look back at the year feeling like I really accomplished something.

Well, this year has been the same… but am I happy will all that I’ve done this last month of the year? Read on!



• New release: The Insomnia Files, File #1: JODI COLLINS

This month I released my very first international publication — a prequel especially written for first-time Insomnia Saga readers, a short story about the series’ main protagonist, Jodi Collins.

It was really exciting, for I’ve been looking forward to this for months, maybe even a year, and I already wrote this short story back in July, so it was awesome to finally see it turn into an actual eBook 🙂

In case you’ve missed it — The Insomnia Files, File #1: JODI COLLINS is available as a free eBook! You can find the download link you prefer and more information about the story right here.

Did you know that the story actually takes place on Christmas Eve? So, if you haven’t read it already, perhaps you should tonight! 😉




• Editing: INSOMNIA

This month my team and I finished another round of editing INSOMNIA, the first book in the Insomnia Saga, which will be published February 11th 2020!

I’m really enjoying the editing process, but, to be honest, I don’t mind that we’re taking a few weeks off for now 😉 We’ll be back for the last round in January, but during the holidays we’re taking it easy!


• Writing: the last chapters of NOCTURNE

If you’ve been following me on either this blog or social media, you probably haven’t missed the fact that I’ve been working on the second installment of the Insomnia Saga, NOCTURNE, ever since September.

Working on this book has been awesome, but like I said in my writing update back in November, it’s been a bit of a “bumpy ride”, since I couldn’t work on it full time. I rewrote the first book, INSOMNIA, halfway the writing process, gave my site a huge makeover and update, had to do some work for the publication of JODI COLLINS as well as the promotion of it, and I also had to edit the manuscript of INSOMNIA…

So, actually, I never expected to be able to finish NOCTURNE before the end of the year.

Yet, somehow, I did!

I’m not sure how I did it, to be honest — but like I said on social media last week, when inspiration strikes, it strikes hard, and that somehow gave me this amazing writing-boost 😀 I wrote about 16 chapters in two weeks, and last Thursday I finished the project.

Finishing a novel always is the greatest feeling. I swear, it’s magic. And the same goes for finishing NOCTURNE, because really, this book was intense. It’s kind of hard to talk about it—or not talk about it—, since INSOMNIA hasn’t even been released yet, and I don’t want to give away any spoilers. However, I can safely say that I’ve learned a lot from writing this book, along with my characters who also learned some valuable lessons themselves, and despite the very dark, sinister themes of this book, I had loads of fun writing every single sentence 😉

I already sent out a message on social media, but I just want to say it again: The last day writing this book has been especially fun thanks to all the encouraging messages I got from readers and fellow writers all over the world, while I was furiously typing away on my laptop; it was awesome to hear from you all! Thank you 🙂


• Sit back and relax: it’s almost Christmas!

After all this hard work, I’ve decided to take a break for a couple of weeks, just to replenish my energy, read some books, play video games… well, to simply do all those fun and lazy things you sometimes just really need to do, right?

Also, tomorrow it’s Christmas! I want to wish you all a merry Christmas; I hope you have a lovely time, no matter however and with whoever you spend it.


With this, I’m going to end my last writing update of 2019.

Coming up next week however, is a blog post in which I’ll look back at this year and give an overview of all the things I’ve done, learned, and accomplished this last twelve months, and with the start of the new year I’ll also share a post in which I’m going to tell you about what bookish things you can expect from me in 2020 😀 I hope to see you here on my blog!

But until then…

Have a happy Christmas. Sit back and relax. Read a book (may I suggest my Insomnia Saga short story? …VERY subtle, right?). Enjoy life. Celebrate winter. (Or take notes like a maniac for your next project, as I’ll probably be doing :P)

Feel free to leave a message; I love hearing from you!


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— Lynn

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OUT NOW | FREE EBOOK: The Insomnia Files: FILE #1 JODI COLLINS (Insomnia Saga 0.1)

OUT NOW | FREE EBOOK: The Insomnia Files: FILE #1 JODI COLLINS (Insomnia Saga 0.1)

“Surround me with Light and give me strength; this shield is my protection and my weapon”


It’s finally here! The Insomnia Files: FILE #1 JODI COLLINS is a prequel to the Insomnia Saga, an action-packed Dark Fantasy Upper Young Adult series, set in a fictional modern world, where people can wield actual Light as a weapon which they use to fight the greatest enemy of mankind—demons, called the Nightprowlers.

JODI COLLINS is a prequel short story especially written for first-time Insomnia Saga readers, introducing the main character, Jodi Collins. This short story takes place 4 years prior to the first book in the series, INSOMNIA.

Best of all? It’s a FREE download!



• FREE EBOOK: The Insomnia Files, FILE #1: JODI COLLINS (Insomnia Saga #0.1)



“Don’t make a sound,” I whisper.

Peering through the shelves, I can’t take my eyes off the giant on the other side. It’s a creature with an oval-shaped head, a slender body, elongated arms, hands with pointy fingers, and long legs with which it takes big, silent steps.

Like a two-legged spider, hunting for its prey.


For first-time Insomnia Saga readers


A Nightprowler marked her and covered her in scars that will forever stigmatize her as an outcast:

A Sleepwalker.

A year after the attack, thirteen-year old Jodi Collins starts working for the Summoners to keep herself and her parents alive in this new, brutal life of discrimination and hate.

The Summoners are a worldwide army that have been fighting the Nightprowlers for centuries—and by working for them, Jodi will be forced to fight these creatures responsible for ruining her future.

On a dark, wintery night, Jodi is sent on a mission to find a young missing boy. The clock is ticking—if she’s too late, he will end up the same as her.

A toy store. A maze of dolls and monsters.

A world where light and darkness collide.

Jodi has to prove herself and overcome her greatest fear:

confronting the demons of the Night. And fight them.

[This short story takes place four years prior to the first book in the series, INSOMNIA.]





  • This eBook also contains a sample of the first few chapters of INSOMNIA!



I hope you will enjoy this short story, and that Jodi will manage to capture your heart as she did mine 🙂 And, of course, I hope it’ll make you guys look forward to the release of INSOMNIA, on February 11th 2020, in which Jodi’s story will truly begin — as well as give you more background info about her life and what the fight against the Nightprowlers is truly about.


Are you ready to become a Summoner?


Thank you for reading!


— Lynn



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2018: Merry Christmas! Dagen van magie en inspiratie

2018: Merry Christmas! Dagen van magie en inspiratie



Ik wens jullie allemaal een ontzettend fijne kerst! Ik hoop dat iedereen het gezellig heeft en, net als ik, geniet van deze dagen van magie en inspiratie 😉

Voor mij heeft kerstmis altijd iets magisch – het zal wel door al die lichtjes komen, dat de dagen zo kort zijn en het zo snel donker wordt… en daarnaast lijk ik in deze tijd van het jaar altijd extra veel inspiratie te hebben!

Dus ja, ook al komt de familie op bezoek en zal ik vandaag en morgen mijn laptop niet aanraken (EEEEEK), zullen mijn aantekeningenschriftjes binnen handbereik liggen (ze liggen al klaar tussen de kerstspulletjes, zoals je ziet op de foto hierboven!), zodat ik snel al mijn ideeën op kan schrijven – mijn hoofd trekt zich niets aan van de “kerstverplichtingen” en blijft gewoon doorwerken 😉

Maak er een paar mooie dagen van allemaal!

– Lynn



Psst! Niets te doen met de kerst en zin in een snelle read? Schimmen en Winter is een kort verhaal speciaal geschreven voor de kerst en het eBook is gratis te downloaden via The Black Sheep Indie en Kobo! Het verhaal speelt zich af tussen deel 2 en 3 van de Schimmenwereld Serie, maar is uitgebracht als deel 3.5, aangezien het aan te raden is om eerst deel 3 gelezen te hebben in verband met spoilers 😉 Enjoy~!

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“Winterzielen” nu te lezen op Get Inspired By Books!

“Winterzielen” nu te lezen op Get Inspired By Books!

Een aantal weken geleden werd ik benaderd door de oprichtster van de website Get Inspired By Books, met de vraag of ik een kort verhaal wilde schrijven met als thema “feestdagen”, die ze kon delen op haar site! In oktober was daar namelijk ook al een herfstverhaal van mij gedeeld, Kompas: het Eerste Herfstblad.

Natuurlijk wilde ik daar maar wat graag een verhaal voor schrijven – ik ben gek op de feestdagen – dus ik ging gelijk aan de slag en heb een romantisch, magisch verhaal geschreven getiteld “Winterzielen”.


>>> Lees “Winterzielen” op Get Inspired by Books! <<<


Ik hoop dat jullie mijn verhaal met plezier zullen lezen en dat het jullie in de kerst-stemming brengt! 😉

Veel liefs,
– Lynn

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Happy Christmas 2017!

Happy Christmas 2017!

Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

Ongelooflijk, het is nu echt eerste kerstdag! Het jaar is voorbij gevlogen… maar we zijn nog niet klaar! Het is nu tijd voor Kerstmis en ik vind het altijd belangrijk om écht te genieten van deze dagen 🙂

Dus ik wens jullie prachtige en vooral ook gezellige feestdagen toe! Ik ga er in elk geval van genieten – en, tja, terwijl ik dat aan het doen ben, zal ik natuurlijk blijven nadenken over alle boeken die ik nog wil schrijven, want mijn brein houdt geen rekening met de feestdagen… De notitieschriftjes zullen altijd binnen handbereik liggen 😉

Ik weet niet wat het is met deze tijd van het jaar, maar het is dan net alsof ik nóg meer inspiratie krijg dan ik altijd al heb! Ik denk dat het door de sfeer komt – de lichtjes, de avond die al vroeg invalt, iedereen die bij elkaar komt… Het heeft iets magisch, vind ik!

Maak er een mooie en inspirerende kerst van, allemaal!


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