JUNE 2020 Writing Update: NOCTURNE’s book birthday + KISSING SHADOWS & SCARLET + my books on Kindle Unlimited + writeaholic

JUNE 2020 Writing Update: NOCTURNE’s book birthday + KISSING SHADOWS & SCARLET + my books on Kindle Unlimited + writeaholic

And here we are yet again: at the end of another month.

June has been very busy for me (though I think I keep telling you guys that about almost every month, don’t I? xD), but it has been great and another month for me to look back at with a sense of satisfaction and excitement.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? 😀



• Celebrating NOCTURNE’s book birthday

This month I could finally celebrate the release of NOCTURNE, the second full-length installment in the Insomnia Saga, in which Jodi and Kay return and their story continues, picking up three months after the end of INSOMNIA!

The first half of June, however, my book designer and I were working hard to make the release actually possible, by creating the ebook edition as well as the paperback and book trailers. The process has been incredibly fun, even though at some point we had a bit of a setback regarding the paperback; there were some unexpected technical issues with the publisher, which is why—even though the book has already been officially released last week on June 23rd—I  got my copy of the paperback in the mail only last weekend. It kind of disrupted our careful planning, but well; the book is here now, and once more, it is such a rush to be able to hold a physical copy of my own book in my hands ❤️

If you haven’t already, check out NOCTURNE‘s book trailer!:


• NOCTURNE is available on Amazon worldwide in paperback edition for $14.99


• NOCTURNE is available on Amazon worldwide in ebook edition for $3.99

+ NOCTURNE’s ebook edition is also available through Kindle Unlimited!



• Developments on the Kissing Monsters series; it’s growing!

As you might have read on my blog and social media, I’m also working on another series next to the Insomnia Saga.

Kissing Monsters is a Dark Fantasy Romance series (which, I repeat, heavily focuses on romance!❤️), from which I released KISSING MONSTERS (book 1) earlier this year on Valentine’s Day. It was supposed to remain a stand alone short story, but Kiss and Zane stole my heart and their story began to grow in rapid pace.

Which is why I can now announce that book 2, KISSING SHADOWS, is coming this summer in ebook edition only (just like book 1)!

Also, last week I finished writing book 3, which is entitled KISSING SCARLET… and will also be released this year 🙂

After some planning and looking at the developments in the story line, I’ve decided that the series will consist of 8 books total. All of them will be released in ebook only, but I’ll also be releasing two paperback editions in which the first four and the last four books will be included—so for those of you who just love physical copies of books (like me!), they are coming!

I’ll announce the official release dates for KISSING SHADOWS and KISSING SCARLET next week, so please, stay tuned! 😀



• Decisions to make as a Writer: my books now on Kindle Unlimited!

While working on the publication of NOCTURNE, I’ve also made a final decision about something I’d been thinking about for a while now.

I’ve decided to enroll all of my ebooks in KDP select.

This is a special program on Amazon, and enrolling in it now gives me the opportunity to offer my ebooks for free (for a limited amount of days every three months) on Amazon. Also, it automatically makes my books available through Kindle Unlimited, which allows readers to read as many books they want for—I believe—$9.99 a month; so readers who are subscribed to KU can now read my ebooks, and I’ll receive royalties of sorts from Amazon for every page that has been read 🙂

Me enrolling my ebooks in KDP also means that my ebooks are, from now on, exclusively available on Amazon, and can no longer be found on sites such as Kobo and Barnes&Noble. At first I was convinced it was very important for me to be featured in all kinds of online bookstores, but after doing some research on the last five months or so, I realized that of all the books I’d sold, had all been sold through Amazon. Not a single one had been ordered through another store, and my readers and buyers have come from all over the world—from the United States to the Netherlands.

This made me realize my decision wouldn’t be an inconvenience to my readers at all; and I believe the KDP program and Kindle Unlimited will certainly be able to help me grow in my career as an author ❤️ I’m very excited about this, and weirdly enough, have already noticed a (careful) increase in sales in the past week. Coincidence? Don’t know, but I’m not complaining, and I’ll just see what the future brings as I’ll release more new books 😉



• Writeaholic: I CANNOT STOP

It’s true. I don’t know what’s happening to me the last few months, but I honestly can’t seem to stop writing.

Sure, it has always been my passion, but the last few years (ever since I started publishing my books) I found myself wanting some time off whenever the summer came around, feeling tired and needing some time to find some fresh inspiration.

Not this year.

As always, I’m granting myself a summer break of sorts in July and August. My holiday starts next week, and although I do plan to make some time to get some more reading and video gaming done (and perhaps even a bit of drawing for the fun of it)… I don’t think I’ll be able to take a true break off writing.

I just don’t feel like it.

The only change, however, is that I’ll be living on a slower pace (not getting up as early as usual!) and that I won’t have to do any editing on manuscripts. All I can focus on the next two months is writing, which, let’s be honest, is my most favorite part of the entire writing process 😉

So. Yep. I’m an official writeaholic (even though my spelling check keeps arguing with me that isn’t a word), and one of the projects I’m excited to work on in July will be the fourth installment to the Kissing Monsters series!


Well, I guess this was a fine update on June 2020! The world has gone insane around me. The government is already easing up on restrictions. But really, I am staying indoors this summer to keep my family and myself safe (no matter what some people claim, the virus “not being so dangerous” and all), and I’m convinced I’ll have the best of fun writing and simply enjoying my time off 🙂

I hope you’ll all have a great summer too, despite our current circumstances, and that you’ll remain safe and healthy.


• Don’t forget: I’ll be announcing official Insomnia Saga and Kissing Monsters release dates next week, so stay tuned! There is a summer release among those…


— Lynn


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NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Insomnia Files (Insomnia Saga 1.5) — eBook edition

NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Insomnia Files (Insomnia Saga 1.5) — eBook edition

Dive deeper into the Insomnia Saga universe


Out today — the very first Insomnia Saga short story collection: The Insomnia Files.

The Insomnia Saga is an action-packed Upper Young Adult Dark Fantasy Romance series, set in a fictional modern world, where people can wield actual Light as a weapon which they use to fight the greatest enemy of mankind—demons, called the Nightprowlers.

The Summoners, the Nightprowlers, Jodi, Kay, we’ve all met them in the first official installment of the series, INSOMNIA — but there is a story behind everything and everyone, and that’s what this collection is all about.

Released as book 1.5 in the series, The Insomnia Files allows the reader to dive deeper into the pasts of Jodi, Kay, and that of the very first Summoner who, a few centuries ago, rose to fight the Nightprowlers: Alain Somnus.


The Insomnia Files is available worldwide in eBook edition; visit this page to find the direct link to your store of preference!


Watch the first official teaser trailer:



• The Insomnia Files (Insomnia Saga #1.5)

The Insomnia Files contains three short stories written from three different perspectives, diving deeper into the Insomnia Saga universe.

FILE #1 tells the story of Jodi Collins and takes place four years prior to INSOMNIA: Thirteen years old, Jodi has just started working for the Miller Academy. As she’s sent on a mission on a dark, wintery night, she has no choice but to confront the demons of the Night—and fight them.

In FILE #2 fifteen-year old Kay Somnus is about to take his final exam to become the youngest Summoner in history… but in order to succeed, he will have to pretend—and believe—he is someone he’s not, and forever deny himself his true power.

Alain Somnus, the very first Summoner of Light, is the voice of FILE #3. Hundreds of years ago, he opened a gate and allowed dark powers to spill in that would change the world forever… creating the darkest secret ever kept. Haunted by nightmares and his failure to protect the only girl who had ever managed to touch his heart, he opened the Somnus Academy—but could he live with the lies?



• Paperback release coming later this year

The paperback edition of The Insomnia Files was initially scheduled to be released today alongside the eBook, but because of the current circumstances, the paperback has been postponed. Read all about it here!

I hope to see the paperback released later this year, but… one step at a time 🙂



I’ve really enjoyed working on The Insomnia Files. It allowed me to understand my characters even better, especially Kay and Alain — and Alain’s story, since it takes places literally centuries ago, opened up new possibilities for the series’ future releases: there are more Insomnia Saga short story collections on the way, in which I’ll explain even more about the series’ past, about the very first Summoners who opened their academies and began fighting the Nightprowlers, and especially more about the enigmatic Somnus family.

If you’ve read and liked INSOMNIA, I hope you’ll pick up The Insomnia Files as well and that you’ll enjoy it — and, after reading it, have an even better understanding of the characters’ deepest thoughts and desires, and also the world-building.


The Insomnia Files is available worldwide in eBook edition; visit this page to find the direct link to your store of preference!




Are you new to the Insomnia Saga and would you like a sneak peek? There is also a short story available, written especially for first-time Insomnia Saga readers, introducing Jodi Collins and the world of Summoners, Sleepwalkers and Nightprowlers.

It’s a FREE download and includes the first few chapters of INSOMNIA. Go ahead and check out this page to find your preferred download link!



• INSOMNIA participates in #AuthorsGiveBack: 60% discount on Smashwords!

“Stay home, stay safe” — is has become quite the mantra on social media, as we all encourage each other to stay indoors during these crazy times with COVID-19 on the loose.

To help people find new books to read as they have much more free time on their hands, Smashwords has organized a special discount to do just that, allowing authors to enroll and discount their books.

Because I believe that INSOMNIA is able to help people get through this craziness (and not to be dramatic, but it seems like it’s going to be like this for a while longer), I also enrolled the eBook into Smashword’s Authors Give Back discount; until April 20, I’m giving 60% off on INSOMNIA!


Find it here.


I’m aware that several of you already own the book, but if you happen to know someone who hasn’t read it yet and might like it, please feel free to share this 🙂

I hope that Jodi’s courage will inspire you and give you strength — it certainly helps me ?



Last but not least!

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Thank you for reading, subscribing and following ?

I hope you will all be able to escape reality for a bit while you’re reading The Insomnia Files. Tell me: which story included in this collection are you the most curious about?

If you have any questions or just want to leave a message, please feel free to do so! 😀



— Lynn

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NOVEMBER 2018 schrijfupdate: de winterse kou van de Schimmenwereld

NOVEMBER 2018 schrijfupdate: de winterse kou van de Schimmenwereld

November was een drukke maand voor mij, die helemaal draaide om de Schimmenwereld Serie! En het was awesome!

Lees snel verder om te zien wat ik allemaal heb gedaan deze maand… en wat er dit jaar nog komen gaat 🙂


• Schimmenstad publicatie-klaar

De eerste twee weken van november sleurde ik mezelf achter mijn laptop vandaan om niet te schrijven, ook niet te redigeren, maar om van het manuscript van Schimmenstad daadwerkelijk een boek te maken! Zoals gewoonlijk sloeg ik de handen ineen met Kiyo en gingen we hard aan het werk…


We maakten de hardcover/paperback editie op, daarna gingen we aan de slag met het eBook… en nadat we dat harde werk achter de rug hadden, was het tijd voor de boektrailer! Eén van mijn favoriete onderdelen… 🙂



De boektrailer werd in de tweede week gemaakt en diezelfde week kwam hij nog online te staan! Je kan ‘m hier gelijk bekijken op YouTube:



Het was weer heel spannend om mee bezig te zijn, en alles liep zo voorspoedig dat we al veel sneller klaar waren dan we hadden verwacht!


• SCHRIJVEN: Schimmenstof, het laatste deel…

En eigenlijk was dat maar goed ook, want ik begon steeds meer het idee te krijgen dat ik serieus uit elkaar dreigde te barsten van de inspiratie! Want terwijl we Schimmenstad publicatie-klaar aan het maken waren, was ik ondertussen regelmatig verwoed in mijn aantekeningenschriftje aan het krabbelen.

Het was namelijk tijd voor mij om te gaan beginnen aan het zesde en daarmee laatste deel van de Schimmenwereld Serie: Schimmenstof.

En daar ben ik vorige week dus mee begonnen! De weken daarvoor was ik al druk bezig met al mijn aantekeningen over te typen – de notities stonden verspreid over maar liefst 3 notitieschriftjes en ik vond zelfs aantekeningen terug die al 2 jaar oud waren, van de periode dat ik net bezig was met de Schimmenwereld Serie! Het verraste me eigenlijk een beetje dat ik toentertijd al zo goed wist wat ik met het einde van de serie wilde 🙂

Vorige week begon ik eerst met het schrijven van de rode draad van Schimmenstof, iets wat ik altijd doe voor ieder boek, zodat ik precies weet waar het verhaal heen moet. Op woensdagochtend rondde ik de rode draad af – ik heb nu de samenvattingen van de eerste 16 hoofdstukken staan, klaar om uitgeschreven te worden!

‘s Middags ging ik direct aan de slag, ik kon niet wachten, en ‘s avonds schreef ik het eerste hoofdstuk al af! Momenteel ben ik alweer bezig met hoofdstuk 6 en ik vind het echt te gek om dit laatste deel te schrijven én weer in Dinah’s huid te kruipen. Gelukkig had ik er totaal geen moeite mee om haar stem weer terug te vinden – op haar eigen manier is ze weer zo anders dan Lily of Blaze!

Ik moet wel zeggen dat dit laatste deel van de Schimmenwereld Serie héél duister aanvoelt – het is best een zwaar project om aan te werken, want Dinah’s hoofd is eigenlijk nogal een donkere plek om te vertoeven 😉 En toch geniet ik ervan. Ik vind Dinah awesome, vooral omdat ze zo anders is dan ik ben! Ze is wantrouwig, gaat altijd van het slechtste uit en is gehard door haar leven als Waker. Als je het mij vraagt is ze echt badass 😀


• De postbode kwam door de gure kou heen en hij bracht…

…de hardcover editie van Schimmenstad! Die kwam vorige week dinsdag binnen, toen ik dus net bezig was met het schrijven van Schimmenstof, en WAUW. Ik was er echt even stil van. Het boek is ontzettend dik – ja, nog dikker dan deel 4! – maar daarnaast drong het op dat moment pas echt tot me door dat ik al vijf delen heb geschreven. En dat er dus nog maar één boek te gaan is.

Op dat moment realiseerde ik me eigenlijk pas echt hoeveel ik al geschreven heb aan de Schimmenwereld Serie… en hoe vreemd het eigenlijk is dat ik nu, na twee jaar eraan gewerkt te hebben, alweer bezig ben met het allerlaatste boek. Dat is wel “wow”, toch?



Binnenkort zal ik mooiere foto’s van Schimmenstad nemen om op mijn social media te delen! Als je ze wil zien, zou ik vooral mijn Instagram in de gaten houden! 😉


NOV18_WinterWritingGear_2 BLOG

• Zo winters koud als de Schimmenwereld…

Het is extreem, zo koud als het sinds november opeens is! Tijdens het schrijven draag ik zelfs handschoentjes (die je hierboven ziet!) om mijn handen enigszins warm te houden én ik heb mijn liefde verklaard aan warme chocolademelk. Want het is warm. En zoet. En vooral lekker warm 😉

Ik vind het echter wel heel toepasselijk, hoor, die winterse kou, aangezien het in de Schimmenwereld ook altijd ijzig koud is… Daarnaast beginnen de bomen alsmaar kaler te worden en is het regelmatig ook best mistig. Het helpt me in elk geval wel om me super goed in te leven in hoe het is om in de Schimmenwereld te zijn 😀


En dit was de november 2018 schrijfupdate! Ik kan echt niet geloven dat we nu alweer aan de allerlaatste maand van het jaar gaan beginnen, máár ik heb er wel super veel zin in – ik ben gek op december en de gezelligheid van kerstmis. Het inspireert me enorm!

In december ga ik vooral heel hard doorschrijven aan Schimmenstof en daarnaast lekker genieten van de winterse kerstsfeer. De komende maand kunnen jullie wel wat blogberichten verwachten van mij, mogelijk zelfs een enkeling die winter/feestdagen-gerelateerd is… 😉

Oh, en op 1 december komt Schimmenstad natuurlijk uit als hardcover, paperback en eBook… WOOHOO! Vieren jullie de release met me mee?


Tot gauw allemaal!

– Lynn

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