HALLOWEEN 2021: when i used to dream nightmares | part two

HALLOWEEN 2021: when i used to dream nightmares | part two

I held my breath, terrified to make a sound.

I did not know how I got here: lying on my stomach on the floor, under a bed which I first thought was my own… but this was not my room.

Something moved in the shadows and I flinched, but then grew perfectly still as I caught the shimmer of eyes watching me, wide and scared.

Other children.

I was not alone.

Several of us were hiding here, under the bed and with nowhere else to go.

My heart pounding, I dipped my head a little lower and peeked out from my hiding place, finding a room with a gray carpet, gray desks placed alongside the gray walls, a gray chair upon which sat… a man, wearing a gray suit, yet not a gray top hat — no, that one was black, a hue so utterly dark that it would never be able to catch a ray of light.

The man was tall. Unusually thin. He reminded me of a scarecrow.

Of a skeleton.

He was motionless, and I released a shuddering breath, and—

Whirling around, he turned on his chair.

The man had no face.

It was white, simply white, an empty sheet, pale flesh without features, and yet…

And yet, I knew he could see me.


Greetings scaredy-cats and and horror-fanatics, and welcome to the second part of my 2021 Halloween blog post series, “When I Used to Dream Nightmares”! 🎃


As I told you all in the previous post, when I was 5 or 6 years old, I went through a phase in which I was often terrorized by pretty horrific nightmares, and the one above is one of the few which I still vividly remember.

To be honest, even at 29, I still think this one is pretty disturbing.

While my nightmare of the Skeleton Dragon was a recurring dream that plagued me about two or three times, this was — thankfully — a standalone, so the Faceless Man only visited me once. The nightmare was just as I described it above, yet somehow, I had all this knowledge while I was in the dream, and I knew this creepy guy stole children from their parents and then just kept them in that room. Which makes hiding from him seem like a pointless thing, I guess, but that’s just the way dreams work, right? They often don’t make sense, and neither do your actions. I just figure that the other children and I simply did not want the Faceless Man to see us.

But, what did he want from us? Would he eat us? Lock us up somewhere?

I never got an answer to that, since the dream stopped the moment his face turned toward me, and luckily I woke up in my own bed, in my own room, with no terrifying intruders present.

Yet that is exactly what has been intriguing me as I got older: how often does it happen that a nightmare stops at the exact moment that something truly creepy would happen? To me, that is always the case.

Which is why today, I’d like to talk a little about the power of suggestion — or rather, the horror of it.


Now then, let’s be honest: what is often worse? The idea of something terrible happening, or actually going through it?

In my experience it is the first.

Like back at high school, when I had to give a presentation before my teacher and classmates, I used to be so terribly nervous it made me feel sick. Yet when I was actually standing there, doing it, I often forgot all about my nerves and it turned out not to be that bad.

The same goes for watching a horror movie (what?)! Often the first half is the scariest for me, when inexplicable things happen — when objects move, but you don’t see what has touched it. When there are sounds and moans at night, but you never see what is making them. When the camera shows you that something is watching the protagonists, but you never get to see what it is.

Then, usually, during the climax of the movie you get to see this horrific monster or dreadful ghost that usually, for me, breaks the spell and takes away all fear, because somehow, actually seeing the devil isn’t as scary as not seeing it while knowing it is there.

Personally, I always like to add this to my own stories — I don’t write ghost tales (maybe I will one day, though!) so I can’t get away with keeping the demon invisible, but I do like to build up the tension in a scene first. Like I did in the prologue of INSOMNIA, when Jodi is playing with her dog and he disappears into the field of the farm, out of her sight. She can hear he gets hurt, but doesn’t know what is going on. Once she finds her dog, he turns out to be wounded and bleeding.

And then the sun sets, a shadow falls over her, and she knows, she senses something is behind her.

For me, the idea of a situation like this simply fills me with dread; not being able to see what is there, yet knowing that something is lurking behind you, wanting to hurt you.

Writing the part of that scene that comes after, of Jodi being attacked by the Nightprowler, was still pretty terrifying for me to write — but I do think one should never underestimate the power of suggestion, and how much scarier it is than when a character faces off with the actual monster.


But, that is just my opinion! What do you think? Is the mere suggestion of something scarier, or do you  dread the part that comes after, the actual showdown with whatever devil is haunting the story? I’m really interested to know how others think about this, so please leave me a comment down below! Who knows, I might learn something from it as a storyteller 😉


This concludes part two — which is also the final one! Thanks so much for reading everyone; please feel free to reach out to me 😀


Happy Halloween everyone.

May your dreams be filled with lovely nightmares…


(Oh, and… don’t forget to listen closely for the sounds in your house at midnight. Who knows what you might hear — yet will never find…?)


— Lynn


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“I have failed the sea,” she whispers.

“Oh, dear Princess… haven’t we all?”

— The Deep of Him (The Sea of Her 4)


Dear Weepers of Pearls and Wild Strangers from the Sea,

If you happen to follow me on social media, you probably already know this… but last week I’ve begun working on the fourth book of The Sea of Her series, entitled THE DEEP OF HIM ❤️

I thought it would be fun to dedicate a blog post to tell you all a bit more about the writing process of this manuscript, such as what is currently inspiring me and how it feels to me to be working on this book 🙂

Shall we dive in?


Since book 3, THE TIDE OF HER, isn’t published yet, I can’t go into details as that would mean giving away a lot of spoilers (and nobody likes spoilers!), but I think it’s safe to say that going into the second half of the series (as this is book 4 out of 6) is pretty intense.

To be honest, as I was taking notes of all my ideas for THE DEEP OF HIM over the last summer while also working on the plot outline, filling out the details and deciding where the story would take the characters, I was equally excited and a little bit worried about where it was going.

Although the first three books certainly have some darker themes going on, there was also room for a lot of magic and (most of all!) romance. It made them quite relaxing projects to work on for me, as my characters actually had a chance to take a breather from time to time and even enjoy some cozy scenes, such as Leilani working in the restaurant, or her and Keanu exploring Hibiscus Island by visiting other towns and spending lazy afternoons in beautiful forests.

THE DEEP OF HIM, however, feels much grittier as it explores the darker themes that were mostly hinted at in the first books, forcing Leilani and Keanu into situations neither wants to be in, confronting them with choices of life and death. This made me a little apprehensive at first, as I wondered if this book would fit the other three and would answer the readers’ expectations (yes, you guys!).

But as I wrote the first few chapters last week and as I’ve been working on the manuscript this week as well… I’ve come to the realization there’s nothing to worry about. Leilani’s and Keanu’s characters are bound to grow and evolve, that’s what series are for after all — yet they still feel like the same persons to me, and the things they’ll be going through in this book have been inevitable from the very start.

The funny thing is, I was worried about the very same thing when I worked on book 2, since it has way more action than the first and also felt a lot darker to me — yet the reviews and responses I’ve received so far for this book have been nothing but enthusiastic, as many readers even said they enjoyed THE WAVES OF HIM even more than THE SEA OF HER, while already loving that one.

Working on THE DEEP OF HIM is absolutely awesome. I’m enjoying myself so much, because the chapters are filled with tension and shadows. The writing flow has been amazing from the very first day I began working  on it — today is the fourth day of writing, and I’ve already finished 15 chapters. Need I say more? 😉


Even though The Sea of Her series isn’t “Halloweenish” at all, this time of the year is certainly inspiring me, mostly because of the book’s darker atmosphere that just suits the autumn season so well.

But let’s talk about my other great source of inspiration when it comes to writing: MUSIC ❤️

To let you guys get a feel for this book, I’d like to share two tracks which I’ve been listening to non-stop while writing the first chapters! The first one has a bit of a sci-fi vibe going on, which may seem like an odd choice for me since The Sea of Her has not a single sci-fi element in it (how could it, if it’s a Paranormal Romance book, right?), yet the mood is simply perfect. The second track is a more tragic one, which I feel fits Leilani pretty well 🙂



I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do~


It’s time for me to wrap up this blog post, and get back to work on THE DEEP OF HIM 😉 I’m really enjoying the writing process (the flow is just magical), and super excited to see where this journey will take Leilani and Keanu — even if it leads them to the darker side of their world. I’m sure they’ll only come out of it stronger ❤️


Please look forward to THE TIDE OF HER, book 3 in the series, coming very soon on October 26th! I can’t wait for you all to read it 😀

Thanks so much for reading today’s post~


— Lynn


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The Magic of Going Off the Grid

The Magic of Going Off the Grid

• The Magic of Going Off the Grid •


Sometimes you just need a break.




Don’t get me wrong, I think the Internet is one of the best inventions ever made. Also, I enjoy social media and have mostly positive experiences with it. Then again, I like to share my words with the world. I like to share what I’m working on, daily.


But sometimes the endless chatter of other people, even when you can’t actually hear them, can be deafening. As you scroll through your feeds, you’re confronted with hundreds of opinions, so many different ways of thinking, so many eyes that perceive the world differently. And no matter how strongly you believe in your own opinions and perceptions, no matter that you’re absolutely certain about the road you’ve taken… all those voices still manage to find a way to creep into your mind.


And then the whispers begin. And soon those quiet voices turn to shouts and screams.


Before you know it, you start overthinking things way too much, you start to worry about other people’s thoughts, you start to imagine scenarios that haven’t even happened yet and probably never will… and then you feel tired. Burned out. And instead of seeking silence, which you actually long for, you return to those platforms again and again and soak up even more noise — only to fill your head with even louder shouts and screams.


Sounds familiar?


To me it certainly does.


I’ve had a crazy last couple of weeks. My summer holidays had started, but it didn’t really feel like it.


On my first holiday Monday I got my very first vaccination. The side-effects weren’t too bad. A sore arm for a couple of days, but mostly I just felt tired. I’d planned to, but didn’t write a single word, because I honestly couldn’t be bothered. Which was fine, right? Because it was the holidays.


Tell that to my brain: I just couldn’t fully rest, didn’t allow myself to, because I was still working on The Tide of Her, book 3 in The Sea of Her series. There was this constant voice in the back of my mind, nagging me to work on it, to just finish the manuscript…


So, I gave in to that voice in the second week of my holidays. And it felt great! I wrote chapter after chapter, everything was just flowing. And yet, at the start and at the end of every writing day, I felt utterly exhausted. First, I figured I was just tired from the creative process and needed a break.


Yet that wasn’t the case.


After a few days, I realized that besides writing, I was also furiously checking and updating my social media, while also constantly checking the number of downloads for The Sea of Her; the ebook edition has been available for free since the day of release, and it has been crazy. The book has already been downloaded far more times than I expected — which is awesome!


But, what happens in my mind, is this: I keep looking, daily, at the increasing downloads. Then, I start checking sites such as Amazon, Kobo, and Goodreads to see whether anyone has already read it and placed a review or left a rating. And even though The Sea of Her has already received several reviews, which have all blown my mind and I couldn’t be more grateful for, I start worrying about all those other people who have downloaded my book, are maybe reading it, and… Will they love it? Will they hate it?


That’s what was exhausting me. Not the writing. But really, worrying about how my writing could be perceived by others. Which is absolutely pointless, because it is out of my control, and every single book, every single author out there receives both good and bad responses. Because there are so many different people with different opinions and views, right?


Which is fine. That’s simply the way the world works.


Luckily, I realized this soon enough. I also realized that I am not writing for the people who possibly don’t like my books. I write for those who do love them and care as much about my characters as I do.


So, on Wednesday night I made a decision. I still had 5 chapters left to write for the manuscript, and I decided it was time to finish them all; to just sit down and finish the book. And to do so, without any distractions, without constantly reminding myself of all the different people and countless opinions out there, I had to go off the grid for a bit.


The next day, I immediately turned off my Wi-Fi, simply opened my manuscript, and began to write. It was just me and my story, just me and my characters, just me and the fictional world I have created.


It was awesome. It felt just like when I was still a teenager and simply wrote stories for myself (as I told about in my previous blog post). When I didn’t worry about other opinions. When I barely had any social media accounts. Long before I stepped into the world with my books, wanting to be seen, to be read.


Those five chapters practically wrote themselves, the words simply flowed, and I was so invested in my characters and world that I, just for a little while, forgot about everything else. When I finished the very final chapter, I swear my legs were actually shaking with the adrenaline of it (spoiler alert: the ending of The Sea of Her book 3 is INTENSE).


Writing like this again was such a wild ride, and I loved every minute of it. At the end of that day I went back online again, to celebrate finishing the book; that way I could still share the accomplishment with readers and fellow authors, but without all the unnecessary distractions.


Maybe this doesn’t sound all that special. I’m pretty sure that there are more people out there who go off the grid every once in a while, simply to catch their breath and distance themselves from all the noise. I actually used to do this more often, although this year, I actually can’t recall a single day that I haven’t shown up online.


Anyway, it was a valuable lesson for me, and I’ve decided to go off the grid during writing more often from now on, to treat myself to a bit of stillness, and to connect even deeper to the stories I want to tell — and then, yes, share with the world 😉



How about you? Are you constantly online, constantly wanting to share — or have you also experienced the magic of going off the grid every now and then? I’d love to hear about it, so please feel free to leave a comment down below ❤️


— Lynn


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APRIL 2021 Writing Update #1: a 4-year anniversary

APRIL 2021 Writing Update #1: a 4-year anniversary

Hello there, Monster Kissers and Sleepwalkers! ♥️

It’s been a little while since my last Writing Update, but this was mostly because I didn’t have a lot of interesting news to share with you yet… and I’ve also actually been waiting until it was the 14th of April to post my update, because this happens to be a rather special date for me 😉

Why, you ask? Well, read on and find out!

(See? I even use tiny cliffhangers in my blog posts these days. I’m on a roll.)


• a 4-year anniversary

Four years ago, on April 14th 2017, I posted my very first blog post on this very blog, I tweeted my very first tweet, and published my very first post on Facebook, in which I introduced myself to the world as a freshly new indie-author.

Well, actually, I only introduced myself to the Netherlands, since I still wrote my books in Dutch at the time, but anyway — that day was the start of my journey as a published author and I will never forget it, because going down this road is still one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I remember feeling so excited that day, as I could finally start spreading the word of my first book’s release (which came out at the start of June 2017; it was the first installment to a 6-book Fantasy/Horror/Romance series entitled the Schimmenwereld Serie/“Phantom World series”), and everything started to become real. However, to be honest, it was also quite anticlimactic, because obviously, not a soul had heard of me and those first few months I practically drowned in a sea of tweets and posts without anyone noticing me.

But none of that matters! I’ve come pretty far since then, even switched over to English a year ago so I could reach readers internationally, and it has all been the beginning of realizing my dreams. I still have many goals to achieve and dreams to realize, but I’m working hard, and… well, to be honest, are you ever finished realizing goals and dreams? Once you’ve achieved one, a new one will pop up. There’s no rest for the wicked! And crazed writers, obviously 😉

Anyway. Happy anniversary to me! 😀


• The New Series

In the last Writing Update, I told you that I had finished writing the first book of my brand-new Fantasy Romance series, and that I had sent the manuscript to my beta-readers for their opinion. I was rather nervous, remember?

Well, turned out I didn’t really need to be, because they loved it! I was so relieved. ♥️

I’ve already begun working on book 2 and am about halfway through. I expect to have it finished before the end of April, so it’s all going rather smoothly — and my brain’s already brimming with very detailed ideas for book 3!

Also, I have seen the covers for the first two books, as they’ve already been made, and WHOA. Guys, they’re so beautiful!!! I honestly can’t wait to share them with you! It won’t be long now, I’ll stop teasing you real soon, I swear!

Some big reveals and updates are coming in May, so stay tuned! I’ll share some covers, the blurb for book 1, and of course a release date 🙂


• Insomnia Saga updates are coming too!

Apart from covers for my new series, I have also seen the final three covers for the Insomnia Saga, and as I stated on Instagram, they look freakishly gorgeous. I’ll share those with you as well (in May, probably? Otherwise June at the latest)!

Also, the revisions for ORIGINS part two are in full swing, which should be finished at the end of this month. The release of the full edition and so the paperback on May 25 is finally drawing near 😀


Let’s wrap up this update! I’ve probably teased you guys way too much with promises while I am not showing a single thing, but I swear the wait is almost over! I’m super excited about all the projects I’m working on (as you can probably tell, lol). I actually have a hard time believing it’s only been 4 years since I became a published author — to me, it kind of feels like I’ve been doing this for almost a decade or something 😉 So strange!

Well, in that case, I’ll see you guys on my 10-year anniversary in six years, right~?

Thank you for reading this update, and please be safe and well everyone! ♥️


— Lynn


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Reflecting on 2020 — a year of love and monsters

Reflecting on 2020 — a year of love and monsters

And here we are: at the end of 2020.

What a year this has been.

When I wrote the blog post in which I looked back at 2019 last year, I finished the article saying how excited I was for 2020 and that it would be a year full of new releases and adventures.

How right I was.

Okay, things didn’t go exactly as I’d thought — this year has been weird, to say the least, and yet, in a way, it went so much better than I could have expected or dreamed ❤️

Shall we dive in?


• January: Editing & Exploring the Insomnia Saga … & Yoga

Ah, January. When all was still normal. You still remember what it was like?

All right, all drama aside, this was a busy month that — when I think back on it now — actually passed me by in a rush. The holidays were over, and so it was time to get back to work. My editing-fairies and I worked on the final round of revisions for INSOMNIA‘s manuscript.

Meanwhile, I wrote a third short story for The Insomnia Files, in which I brought Alain Somnus and his friends to life; I absolutely loved working on this; diving deeper into the history of the Insomnia Saga, fleshing out the world-building… It was fun!

Also, ideas for a certain story regarding monsters and a girl named Kiss began to grow…

Apart from writing, I had also decided I wanted 2020 to be a year in which I changed my way of living, my view on life, my daily habits, etc., which is why — for the first time ever since I picked up yoga in 2014 — I had signed up for Yoga With Adriene‘s 30 day yoga journey of January on YouTube. I’m still glad I did that, because I can still tell I have learned things from that month that still serve me now 🙂 It also helped me become even more focused, which only improved my working-speed.



In February I was finally able to release INSOMNIA, the first book in the Insomnia Saga, and the launch of my English/international writing career. The day of release was something I had been looking forward to for months, and it was absolutely amazing, as I got some very supportive messages from both readers and fellow writers who were just as excited to meet Jodi and Kay — or to reunite with them, as some of them had also read the Dutch edition published in 2018.

That was February 11th. On February 14th, however, I released a second book, a novella this time — and a rather romantic one at that 😉



I’d begun working on the KISSING MONSTERS manuscript at the start of February, amidst the preparations for INSOMNIA‘s release, and it was a bit of a race against the clock to get it finished and properly edited before Valentine’s Day… but I made it (only because it’s a short read, really) and I honestly had a hard time deciding on which book release I was proudest that week 😀

With writing KISSING MONSTERS, however, I suddenly discovered a deep love for writing romance… and I was intrigued.

During the final weeks of February, I wrote The Nocturne Files, the second Insomnia Saga short story collection to be released later that year, all the while thinking of other stories I could write… You know. More romantic ones.


• March: Enter the Madness

And then came March.

During the months before we’d all heard the news about this virus spreading in distant countries, but within mere weeks it came closer and then arrived at everybody’s doorstep.

What. The. Hell.

The Netherlands (where I live) went into lockdown and so did many other countries, and everybody, all over the world, was anxious or angry or lost. Suddenly the world was forced to slow down, suddenly the streets were eerily silent, and everybody was waiting for it to be over. During the first week, I must admit I struggled with a bit of anxiety as well, having a hard time focusing on my work and feeling like I’d just entered a parallel universe… or the set of some kind of failed zombie movie.

Luckily I had decided to write a sequel to KISSING MONSTERS, entitled KISSING SHADOWS, which kind of pulled me through the weirdness, and, in the end, helped distracting me. Maybe it’s strange, but my inspiration kept on flowing, and before I knew it, I’d decided to turn the Kissing Monsters books into an entire series, deciding to focus on creativity instead of the virus, and make the best of my brand new quarantine life.


• April: The Insomnia Files & Writing ORIGINS & new daily life routines

I slowly became aware of the fact that the virus was here to stay, so I kept focusing on my work and published The Insomnia Files, the first short story collection within the Insomnia Saga and also my very first short story collection in general, which felt pretty awesome 😉

My writing flow still knew no limits, and so I began working on ORIGINS (Insomnia Saga 3) — and whoa, writing that manuscript was a rush. My working speed was off the charts, especially because my focus was almost inhuman (no, really) AND I found a new writing technique which I’ve been using ever since: I stopped rereading every single chapter I’d written. I simply wrote on and on, until a part of the book was finished, and only then did I backtrack and quick-edit the chapters, after which I swiftly moved on.

I swear, it felt like magic.

Next to that, I also made some changes to my daily life. As I couldn’t go out for my runs anymore (which was a bummer, but hey, I’d rather keep my family and myself healthy and virus-free, thank you very much), I began working out at home on a pretty strict schedule. I’d already been doing at home fitness workouts for years, but only in the evenings, and now I started doing them in the mornings too, to make up for the runs I was missing out on. Funny thing is, I almost started to feel healthier than I did before 😛


• May: Finished ORIGINS & Still the Inspiration Did Not Stop

I felt like I was half-possessed, or something. Not being able to go out gave me so much more time to write and so much less distraction, that I just threw myself on my writing. So even after I finished the manuscript of ORIGINS, I barely stopped to take a break but instead started writing plot outlines for various projects…


• June: NOCTURNE & back to the world of Kiss and Zane

In fact, at the start of June I had written 4 (FOUR) plot outlines for different projects; The Origins Files, the third Kissing Monsters book, and two entirely other and unrelated book series.

At the end of the month, I was excited for the release of NOCTURNE, the second full-length installment of the Insomnia Saga; I had done so many attempts at writing this book (also in Dutch in 2018), that I was actually relieved to finally see it hit the (digital) book shelves 😉

During the last week — during a heatwave, I might add! — I wrote KISSING SCARLET (Kissing Monsters 3) while editing book 2 for its release in August; finally, the Kissing Monsters series was on its way to publication…


• July: Summer holidays… relaxation? Explain that to my mind

Usually, it’s my “ritual”, so to speak, to take July and August off from work, to catch my breath and recharge.

The thing is, however, despite all the work I’d already done the months before, I didn’t feel like I needed a break at all. I just wanted to keep on going… which is what I did, although at a slower pace because I allowed myself more time to read and play video games. In July I outlined and then wrote KISSING GHOSTS, the fourth Kissing Monsters book… and by the end of the month, I was already working on the plot outline for book 5. Honestly. I was unstoppable.

And it actually felt pretty awesome.


• August: KISSING SHADOWS & A Spiritual Heatwave (for real)

Although still willing to go on and keep the flow going, in August I was forced to slow down when a pretty intense heatwave wrapped almost the whole of Europe in a suffocating hug. (Huh. That’s a poetic way of putting it.)

I’m not sure, I think it went on for over a week? In any case, it kind of turned my brain to mush and having a laptop on my lap wasn’t very comfortable (trust me, I DID try), so I spent my days drawing and crafting a bit, while also reading quite a lot~ It was fun, and while I kept brainstorming for the Kissing Monsters series, it also gave me some time to focus on other things.

As fitness workouts were out of the question, I did daily Tai Chi instead, which brought me to articles while browsing the internet concerning meditation, the Law of Attraction, and all those things related to each other. I definitely got intrigued by this other way of living and viewing life, and had always wanted to try meditation for real (not just the occasional attempt I’d made the years before). I never did, though, because “I never had the time”.

Well, the thing is, you just have to make time. And during a heatwave you’ve got plenty of that.

(Ever since that heatwave I’ve been meditating daily for 10 – 20 minutes, and have never skipped a day! I’m loving it ❤️)

During all this, I was also stoked to finally release KISSING SHADOWS, the sequel to KISSING MONSTERS, happy to share the continuation of Kiss and Zane’s love story with the world 🙂

After the heatwave, I wrote KISSING NIGHTMARES and finished it within a week~


• September: KISSING SCARLET & Back to work full-time

September came. Summer and autumn fought for a place, and I often took my editing and writing work outside to the balcony to enjoy the final days of warmth.

While editing releases for September as well as October, I worked on the manuscript for KISSING FLAMES, the 6th book in the Kissing Monsters series. It actually took me some time to get used to the busier rhythm of things again, but once I did, the flow returned and I fairly quickly finished the manuscript 🙂

At the end of the month, I celebrated the release of KISSING SCARLET, book 3!


• October: The Nocturne Files & my first KM reviews

In October things began to change.

For the better, that is.

I received my very first reviews for the Kissing Monsters series from readers… all over the world.

And WOW. Every single one of them simply blew my mind (they still do, actually); I never dared to expect that readers would fall in love with Kiss and Zane with the same amount of passion I’ve done, but that is exactly what happened, and I honestly don’t have the words to describe how grateful I am for the warm welcome that readers have given me and my story about monsters, angels and Gifted Ones ❤️ The reviews I have received truly are an author’s dream.

These developments really encouraged me in my writing and I didn’t think it was possible, but ever since I’ve been working on my books with even more gusto than I did before 😉 In October I wrote the 7th book, KISSING SECRETS, while also preparing the book releases of The Nocturne Files (Insomnia Saga #2.5) and KISSING GHOSTS (Kissing Monsters #4), designing the books, etc. It was really busy, but incredibly fun to be working on — especially now I knew even more readers than before were waiting for my stories 😀

In the final week of October I released the second short story collection in the Insomnia Saga, The Nocturne Files! I’m still really happy with how the paperback edition turned out~


• November: KISSING GHOSTS & passionate monsters & more reviews

The magic didn’t stop after October; in November the Kissing Monsters books kept receiving wonderful reviews, which made me pinch myself several times just to check I wasn’t dreaming~

It was also time for me to start working on the 8th installment, entitled KISSING PASSION. I think I wrote it in about… 3 weeks? I’m not even sure anymore; writing it was like a blur of excitement and emotion, because this installment is the grand finale to the story arc. It was so intense to work on, and I loved every single minute of it (even when I decided to rewrite that scene, and oh, that scene too, and so on; I’m incredibly critical on my work lately!! Guess that’s a good thing, though, right?).

About halfway through November I released KISSING GHOSTS (Kissing Monsters #4), which had already received some pre-publication reviews from my brand new ARC team, making the release day even more fun 😉

In the last week, my book designer and I also made the ebooks for KISSING NIGHTMARES (#5) and KISSING FLAMES (#6), preparing them for their December and January releases.


• December: KM Collection & KISSING NIGHTMARES & a secret “witchy” project

In December it was high time to slow down a bit. My editing team and I had finished the final revisions of the year in November, so I took my chance in December for some (mostly) uninterrupted writing time! ❤️ This is how I began working on a project for which I’d already written the plot outline back in May. It was actually supposed to be a stand-alone book… but after a week of working on it and falling in love with the world and characters (happens to me a lot, it seems… 😛 ), I decided to turn it into a series anyway.

Because, why the hell not.

It’s a story filled with witchcraft, magical spiders, and broody romance — I know, sounds more like a project for Halloween, but trust me, it worked just fine to be writing it surrounded by the Christmas lights in the room 😉


This month I had not just one, but two releases! First of all the Kissing Monsters Collection #1, released in both ebook and paperback edition, which includes books 1 to 4 from the Kissing Monsters series ❤️ The second was KISSING NIGHTMARES, the fifth installment… and that concludes my publications of 2020 🙂



And that’s it. My personal 2020 in a nutshell.

This year has been absolutely crazy. Many things have changed because of the pandemic, many people have grown restless, while others put their extra time to good use by creating beautiful things. I’m happy to belong to the latter, and, well… although 2020 hasn’t been exactly ideal, so to say, I honestly can’t say it has been a bad year for me.

It’s actually been pretty awesome.

I think I’ve never written this much in a year before as I did in 2020, and I certainly never published this many books in 12 months; this year I have released 10 works. Ten. I’m amazed just thinking about it, and I actually feel kinda proud too… 🙂

Also, 2020 has taught me to start thinking and living in a new, better way, focusing even more on positivity and learning how much of that energy can actually be “controlled” by a person. I’m not trying to go all Star Wars on you guys (however, “may the force BE with you”, though, really), but I have truly discovered that your mind and so your thoughts could very well be the most powerful tool a person has in life. Good thoughts and being grateful for even the smallest things in your everyday life really can change your entire world and bring your dreams to life.

So, here’s to 2021; I’m not expecting things to go back to “normal” again, yet I’m ready to dive into this year. No matter what, I’m going to make another great year of it, keep the inspiration flow going strong, publish lots of new releases, stick to my daily meditation and hone my positive-thinking skills… and meet many more readers, writers, great people whom I can share this with 😀

Are you ready for 2021?

Thank you so much for reading this very lengthy blog post; I hope you enjoyed it!

And, last but not least… HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I wish all of you the very best ❤️❤️❤️


— Lynn


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DECEMBER 2020 Writing Update #1: Passionate Monsters

DECEMBER 2020 Writing Update #1: Passionate Monsters


    Her voice—low, dark like the starry sky, soft, pleasant, kind, sweet—is a tender brush against his jagged heart.

— KISSING PASSION (Kissing Monsters 8) —


Hi Monster Kissers~!

What does December mean to you?

The first word I always think of is magic. Perhaps it’s simply because of the Christmas decorations, especially all those tiny lights that illuminate homes and streets as soon as the sun has set; it just looks mysterious to me, a bit fairytale-like. And maybe it’s also because December marks the start of the winter, which I always find to be a mystical season as the days grow shorter and darker, the wind cold and icy as it bites into your skin, the final falling leaves brittle and colorless. It’s like a hush settles over the world, especially at night, making me imagine anything might be possible and anything could haunt the shadows…

Every year December manages to both catch me by surprise (because, suddenly, the year is coming to an end) and bewitch me, reminding me it’s all right to slow down a bit for those last few weeks of the year, helping me to dream about the things I wish to achieve in the new year, and making me reflect on the last twelve months.

However, we’ve still got an entire month before us… and I’ve already started off strong 🙂



In November I mentioned I was working on the plot outline for KISSING PASSION, the eighth book in the Kissing Monsters series.

On December 1st, I finished it 😉

Today I have read and quick-edited the entire manuscript, fixing some final plot issues which I thought could be improved. As I am writing this post, I have just finished working on it since about thirty minutes ago. Yesterday I felt a bit dazed being done with the book, but I feel like today I’ve had the time to process it — and it feels SO good ❤️❤️

As book 8 is the grand finale to the story, it was a rather heavy and emotional manuscript to write, possibly one of the most emotional books I have ever written 😉 And the thing is, I can hardly share why, because book 5 will release only this month; I can’t say a thing without giving away spoilers…!

Let’s just say that all the Kissing Monsters books I have written have been an unforgettable experience. I’ve genuinely loved every single minute of it as I got to know the characters better, and the world grew and shaped itself into something I’d never could have imagined as I worked on the first book at the start of 2020.

Again, the word “magic” comes to mind…~


• And… what now?

Having finished another manuscript and having no revision work this month, I feel like it’s all right to slow down a bit. I’ve worked hard enough, achieved enough, and the new year is around the corner for more goals and opportunities. I must admit I’ve been feeling a little bit tired lately, so I don’t mind taking my foot off the pedal for a bit.


(Okay, you probably saw that one coming if you’ve been following my blog for a while~)

I still can’t get enough of writing, so I have decided to work on a side project for now that doesn’t have to be finished in a certain amount of time; I’ve already written the plot outline for this book back in May or June, so I’ve been itching to work on it for several months 😀 I’m pretty excited about this story, and will tell you guys some more about it in the next update!


On that note, I’m going to wrap up this post! I’ll be blogging some more this month, so you’ll all hear from me soon with some cool new book releases, announcements, and of course the annual let’s-look-back-at-the-past-year for an overview of 2020. Considering the way this year has been… that should be interesting 😛

Wishing you all a lovely December! Can you feel the magic too?


— Lynn


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NOVEMBER 2020 Writing Update #1: The Secrets of November

NOVEMBER 2020 Writing Update #1: The Secrets of November

Dear Monster Kissers,

After leaving October behind, we’re already rushing through the first weeks of November. I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here in the Netherlands November has gone off on a great start — every day has been peaceful and sunny, the trees are taking on every possible shade of yellow, orange, red and brown. It’s the perfect autumn weather, which this year I am enjoying from inside my home.

From where I’m sitting, on the couch in the living room where I write all of my books, I have a view on a few pine trees, and every day when the sun sets they somehow take on this reddish, almost pink shade; it’s really mesmerizing to look at and one of those small things that inspires me for my stories 🙂

Now then, speaking of writing…



Back in October I wrote the plot outline for the seventh book of the Kissing Monsters series, entitled KISSING SECRETS. I began working on the manuscript, but was then forced to take a break for a couple of weeks to prepare The Nocturne Files (Insomnia Saga 2.5) for its October 27th ebook & paperback release, as well as Kissing Monsters book 4’s November 17 publication.

At the start of November, however, I could finally return to the manuscript… and I was so full of energy and inspiration that I finished it in a week! Especially the ending was incredibly intense to write. I won’t give away any spoilers (there are still 3 books between this one and the last one that has been released in September), but let’s just say that a lot of twists and turns are awaiting you and that Kiss and Zane have a lot of obstacles to overcome, the poor souls~ But hey, that’s not entirely MY fault! I mean, bad things need to happen to your protagonists in order to make it an interesting story, right?


(Sometimes I worry my characters will somehow come alive and start haunting me at night, or something. Yikes.)


• Aaaand on to… Writing: KISSING PASSION

Because why stop the flow when it’s going so great? As I was finishing up book 7, ideas for book 8 were already growing and shaping themselves into part of a plot outline. Last weekend I spent brainstorming and taking notes whenever a new idea hit me while reading a book and playing a video game (not both at once, naturally 😛 ), and since Monday I’ve been working hard at writing the actual outline for the book, by first looking at how many chapters I’d need and what would happen in which.

And so, I finished the detailed plot outline this afternoon! I’m so happy with it and look forward to tomorrow, when I’ll start on the first couple of chapters (the prologue will be rather short, so I’m sure I’ll be working on Chapter One soon enough). Looking at the fact that book 8 will be the final conclusion to this story, it’s going to be an emotional experience writing it. The plot outline already promises me loads of epic moments and, of course, drama. I don’t like drama in real life — but BOY OH BOY, do I love it in a book 😀


This concludes November’s first writing update! Next to writing my socks off, I’m also in the middle of editing books 5 and 6 of the Kissing Monsters series to prepare them for their 2020/2021 releases… while occasionally being blown away by the fact that the Kissing Monsters books are receiving more and more 4 and 5-starred reviews that just simply amaze me. I really couldn’t be happier ♥️

Oh, also — now that Halloween is behind us, I can finally fully give in to my Christmas obsession and start looking forward to the holiday season! Since 2020 has proven to be the weirdest year ever, my family and I decided we’re bringing the festivities into our home a bit earlier than usual, meaning we’ll start decorating the house in less than two weeks!! I’m really looking forward to it 😀

Do you like Christmas?

Wishing you all a great day~!

— Lynn

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OCTOBER 2020 Writing Update #1: Kisses and Secrets

OCTOBER 2020 Writing Update #1: Kisses and Secrets

“I want to make a world for you where you will no longer have to hide or be ashamed.
A world where you can be in love with angels.”

— The Nocturne Files (Insomnia Saga 2.5) —


Hi monster kissers!

Since it’s already the 7th of October, I figured a quick writing update wouldn’t hurt 😉


• Editing: I’m nearly done!

Last Monday I did my final edits on the manuscripts for The Nocturne Files, which means that book 2.5 in the Insomnia Saga is ready to be prepared for its official publication on October 27th! Yesterday I started my final round of revisions on KISSING GHOSTS (Kissing Monsters 4); as it’s a pretty short manuscript, I should be done editing by tomorrow.

My beta-readers and I have been so busy with these revisions lately, so I’m kind of glad it’s coming to an end 😉 Well. For now, that is. I’ll probably be back at it by the end of the month, but let’s not think about that yet~


• 5-starred reviews for KISSING MONSTERS!

I can still barely wrap my head around this, but KISSING MONSTERS has received a few mind-blowing reviews last week, and the same goes for the sequels, KISSING SHADOWS and KISSING SCARLET — all of them with 5-starred ratings! Consider me speechless. I mean, this is all a writer could wish for, right?

I’m just so glad and grateful that more and more readers are discovering the love story of Kiss and Zane, and are enjoying it ❤️ This makes working on this series even more fun — as well as a bit daunting, because I really can’t let anyone down with the sequels now, can I? (*No pressure!!)




KISSING SECRETS is book 7 in the Kissing Monsters series — and yesterday I finally finished writing the plot outline! Yes, finally; I’ve been working on it for nearly two weeks (I know it’s not that long, but I’m kind of used to working faster and my brain being much quicker than this, lol), but especially last week my mind was so full and busy, it just made me feel terribly restless and out of sorts. I had a bit of trouble focusing on my work and the ideas just didn’t seem to want to come to me. I don’t know, maybe the stars weren’t in proper alignment 😉

However, to get back on my feet I’ve started to dedicate myself some more to daily meditation and yoga, and it’s already helping me feel more grounded; my inspiration is flowing again, and that certainly helped me finishing the book’s plot outline.

Today I’ve began working on the actual book and I’m loving the process~

Yep. It’s book 7 out of 8 already.

I almost can’t believe it — it’s making me feel both excited as well as sad, because I actually really don’t want this to end or to have to say goodbye to Kiss, Zane and the others 😭😅 Anyway. I try not to think of it too much!



• October madness!

Next week and the following one I’ll be working together with my magical book designer to prepare The Nocturne Files, KISSING GHOSTS and the very first Kissing Monsters paperback collection (which will include books 1 to 4) for their releases in October, November and December! I’ll keep you guys posted in my story on Instagram — it’s going to be so much fun 😀 I’ll never tire of seeing my manuscripts be turned into actual books~

More information on the Kissing Monsters books — regarding the release dates, etc. — I’ll share with you all very soon!


• Halloween is coming

A small collection of grinning pumpkins, a plate filled with tiny skulls, stringed lights with flying bats, skeleton fingers crawling down the fireplace… we’ve already decorated the house here and are ready for Halloween! I actually wanted to share photos, but ever since the first of October the weather has been absolutely dreadful. It’s been raining almost constantly, rendering my attempts at photographs into smudgy, pixelated pictures 😅 Ah well, can’t be helped.

Are you ready for Halloween as well? Grinning pumpkins? A creepy book? A scary movie?


Okay, so this concludes the very first October Writing Update! I think I truly managed to keep it rather short and sweet, which was the whole point of posting more updates throughout the month instead of a huge one at the end. Feel free the tell me what you think of this new “system” 😉


— Lynn


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Happy Birthday to Me: A free KISSING MONSTERS gift

Happy Birthday to Me: A free KISSING MONSTERS gift

Hi everyone!!

Today I am celebrating my 28th birthday (yay!), and although I know it’s me who’s supposed to receive gifts, I felt like giving something back as well this year 🙂

Which is…:


• KISSING MONSTERS: a FREE Kindle download on Amazon for a limited time!

Starting today, KISSING MONSTERS will be available as a FREE download on Amazon until September 12th!

You can find it here.

I’m aware that most who follow my blog already own a copy of KISSING MONSTERS — but if you know someone who’d like it, please share this with them so they can download the book for free before the offer expires after September 12th ❤️ Thank you!


• Now back to celebrations…

Of course, I’ve received some wonderful gifts myself from my family today 😀 Lots of books I am DYING to read (check out my Instagram story for a peek!) and even a video game called Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town for the Nintendo Switch! I know, I know, it looks all very cute and bubbly (which it totally is); although the books I write have pretty dark themes, in all honesty I’m a sucker for those chibi-style, brightly colored video games such as the farming titles of Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. I’ll be having loads of fun with this one, especially because I used to play the original version for the GBA when I was a twelve year old kid 😉 NOSTALGIA TO THE MAX.


Okay, I’ll keep this post short and sweet so we can all go on with our day! Please, if you can, share the news about KISSING MONSTERS with anyone who might be interested, and, of course, have a lovely day yourself!

— Lynn ❤️

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AUGUST 2020 Writing Update: Strange Summer Holidays Part 2 + Heatwave of Despair: how it made me see sense

AUGUST 2020 Writing Update: Strange Summer Holidays Part 2 + Heatwave of Despair: how it made me see sense

August is already drawing to an end. August, the month of a seemingly never-ending heatwave. August, the month in which I released the second installment to the Kissing Monsters series. August, the month in which I realized… I was still in the midst of my summer holidays and it’s okay to slow down a bit.

Let’s dive in deeper, shall we?



Keeping my writing-momentum, I kicked off August working on the fifth installment to the Kissing Monsters series, KISSING NIGHTMARES — and finished it in about a week 🙂

I really loved working on book 5! It allowed me to explore the world I’ve created for this series even deeper, and the story lines are growing and becoming more complex. Also, I just love writing about the growing love between Kiss and Zane~

Alas, I can’t tell you guys more details about writing the book without giving away any spoilers, but… as KISSING NIGHTMARES is due for a release date early 2021, I can safely say next year all will be revealed 😉



• The Never-ending Heatwave of Despair

Okay, okay, this might be a little over-dramatic, but I gotta say, while it was rather chilly and rainy in July, the summer certainly made up for all that by returning with a vengeance in August!

I’ve never known any heatwave to linger on for such a long time as this one. I’m used to them ending after three days, but this one went on for an entire week—and then came back in fits and starts the days after, as the temperature kept dropping and rising. It was pretty intense and while I can handle heat pretty well, even I started to feel a bit… well, uncomfortable toward the end 😉

However, the heatwave did have its perks; it actually forced me to slow down. My brain was absolute toast, so I barely even felt like writing (and having a laptop on your lap isn’t very “fun” during a heatwave either 😛 ), so I spent my days reading, drawing and playing video games instead. I had a lot of fun, and it reminded me that I chose July and August to take it easy and recharge — and so, that it is all right for me not to be writing all the time.

I still have a couple of weeks left, so I’m allowing myself to relax some more before I get back to writing full-time in September 😀




On August 18th I celebrated the release of the second book in the darkly romantic Kissing Monsters series, KISSING SHADOWS!

I’m so excited that the series is finally truly kicking off, because the story has developed dramatically since book 1, and I’m so happy I can finally share it with you guys ❤️

— It’s available for $0.99 on Amazon!

Oh, and have you already watched the book trailer?


• Brainstorming for KISSING FLAMES

Yes, I know, I just told you I decided to slow down for the remaining weeks of my summer holidays — BUT.


Really, I very well can’t shut off my brain, now can I?

Last week I’ve been working on the plot outline for book 6 in the Kissing Monsters series, entitled KISSING FLAMES. And it was going really well, but I soon felt that something was missing and not working; let’s just say that there are two major story lines in this book, and I was rushing one of them… and the other one was developing too slowly, as a matter of fact.

During the weekend I took a break from my laptop to do some decent brainstorming, and after a couple of days I found the solution. I actually finished the final version of the plot outline yesterday, which means the book is ready to be written whenever I feel like it 😀


• Coming up: September

I’ll still be taking it easy during the first bit of September (after all, my birthday is coming up soon! Yay!), but I already have loads of plans. First of all, it’s time to get back to editing, so my team and I will do revisions on KISSING SCARLET (Kissing Monsters 3, to be released September 29th) as well as The Nocturne Files (Insomnia Saga 2.5, to be released October 27th).

It’s my plan to spend this autumn and winter to finish writing both the Kissing Monsters series and the Insomnia Saga! I’m really excited about it, because I can’t wait to start working on the 80.000 other projects living in the back of my mind, screaming for attention — though on the other hand, it also makes me feel a bit sad, because it means I’ll have to say goodbye to my characters pretty soon.

Especially finishing the Insomnia Saga will be a strange experience, since I’ve been working on the project since 2017; Jodi and Kay have been on my mind on a daily basis for years… but I guess you have to let go of your characters at some point. However, I’ll still have lots of editing to do after that, so it won’t be a true good-bye 😉



To be honest, before the heatwave opened my eyes and I realized it’s all right to slow down a little, I had this insane plan that I wanted to have both series finished by the end of this year, so I could immediately start up 2021 working on new projects; which would mean I had about 4 months left to write 6 books.

Okay, to be fair, 5 of them are of novella length, but… really, what was I thinking? And why am I rushing things like that? I’m already far ahead of my publishing schedule; I already have a few finished manuscripts all done and waiting to be released during the first couple of months of 2021, so really, there is absolutely no need for me to be in such a hurry.

Next to that, I don’t want to become some kind of soulless writing machine: I write because I’m passionate about it, and because I love spending time with my own made-up characters in worlds I’ve also created myself. (After all, that’s what a writer does, right?)

So, I’ve made a deal with myself for when I get back to work in September: yes, I am going to finish writing my series. Yes, I’ll probably end up writing most of the books this year, so I’ll probably only have about one or two of them left to write at the start of 2021. But for now it’s still 2020 and this year has been crazy enough already, and I just want to enjoy.

I choose to enjoy my writing to the fullest — and hell, even the editing process, although I have to confess that’s my least favorite part of my work. But I also choose to enjoy other things and making time for them: like reading a good book, playing a fun video game, photography, you name it.

Every year, to me September feels like the beginning of something new, even more so than January does. I suppose you could say these are my “new year’s” resolutions for September: to enjoy my writing and to enjoy life to the fullest. The world is already brimming with anxious, restless feelings — and really, I’m done adding mine to it.


So! I’m excited for September, and can’t wait to start writing full time again… yet for now, I’ll be spending the following couple of weeks mostly slouched on the couch 😛

Thank you for reading ❤️



COMING UP NEXT MONTH: On September 29th we’ll be celebrating the release of KISSING SCARLET, book 3 in the Kissing Monsters series! The love story of Kiss and Zane will continue — and another character will be added to the cast…~

— Lynn


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