NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: Ink Raven (Ink Blossom 2)

“Oh, my love, let’s spread our wings,
Come and fly, come and soar
with me above the flower fields,
Yes, flower fields and broken dreams”


Dearest seasonal devils,


I’m not sure where the past couple of months went (it’s probably devoured by that monster called time), but the weeks, days, hours have rushed on relentlessly, and at last we’ve arrived at the 22nd day of the 11th month of the 22nd year of the 2000’s.

Which means… that today we are celebrating the official release of INK RAVEN, the second book in the paranormal romance Ink Blossom series ❤️


Without further ado, here are some links so you can find your preferred store and format…~

Ink Raven ebook edition — $2.99:
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Ink Raven paperback edition — $10.99:


• Ink Raven (Ink Blossom #2)

After saving Gwyn’s life and managing to fight off the feral season of his land, Rafe flees to the Land of Summer with the girl who has captured the one part of his heart he has managed to keep.

Yet as soon as he finds himself in the other land, Rafe realizes that what he has believed for a century isn’t true—and that the truth of the seasonal gods is far more complicated than he ever thought possible, a web of lies and betrayal.

As revelations threaten to shatter Gwyn’s dream of finding the Land of Spring, she has to choose once more whether she’ll help her beautiful, soft-spoken, fragile yet powerful Autumn god in unraveling the secrets of the seasons, the risk of losing her heart to him more real than ever, or to protect herself and leave his side.

But Autumn is watching both Rafe and Gwyn—the god they turned into a devil and the girl who freed him from his prison—, and it soon seems that making choices of their own is a freedom which neither of them can afford.

The Ink Raven will have to rise once more.
And the mortal girl he loves is the only one who can help him fly as high as the world needs him to.



Writing the sequel to INK BLOSSOM was an absolute dream. I loved how INK RAVEN allowed me to explore such a different part of the Ink Blossom series world, as well as how it enabled me to introduce a cast of brand new characters who managed to steal my heart the same way Gwyn, Rafe, Ronan, and James did in the first book 🙂 I really hope they will find a way into your heart as well, and that you will all enjoy reading INK RAVEN as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it~

Thanks so much for reading my books ❤️

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— Lynn


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This is really an AMAZING bookseries! You’re a very talented writer! Must read for every book lover!

Ohmigosh thanks so much 🥹♥️♥️ I’m so happy you’re enjoying the Ink Blossom series and my other books 🥰

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