NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: Ink Blossom (Ink Blossom 1)

“Oh, my love, don’t lose me now,
Come and find me, come and look
for me in this maze of pumpkins,
Yes, of pumpkins and rattling bones”



Dear seasonal devils,

About a year ago today the idea for a story about the Land of Autumn and a devil and a girl came to me, about 9 months ago I began writing this tale on a cold, windy day in January… and now, today, we’re here to celebrate the official release of Ink Blossom, the very first book in the brand-new paranormal romance Ink Blossom series which starts off a tale of fallen leaves, ink, finding out where you belong, and romance ❤️❤️

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Ink Blossom is available in ebook edition for FREE on:

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*note: currently, on September 20th, Ink Blossom is not yet free at Amazon and priced at 0.99; I’m working to change that 😉

Ink Blossom is available in paperback edition for $10.99 on:



• Ink Blossom (Ink Blossom #1)

All her life, Gwyn has lived in a land suspended in eternal autumn—but her heart calls out to the Land of Spring. Leaves don’t fall when she’s around; they flourish instead, and cherry blossoms follow in her wake.

The only way to leave the Land of Autumn, is by having the devil of the Ink Lake accept your offering—the very devil who steals Other Season Girls to feast on their bones—and only then, he will allow a soul to leave his season.

But no one’s offering has ever been accepted.
Except for Gwyn’s.
Yet still, Autumn is trapping her and she cannot leave.

Desperate to escape, Gwyn attracts the attention of a being she should not, and when her path crosses that of the devil’s, he’s nothing she thought he would be.

Beautiful. Soft-spoken.
A broken man haunted by nightmares and guilt and death.

Gwyn has a choice to make. To either remain trapped forever.
Or to risk it all and free the devil from his cage.



As I said before, the idea for Ink Blossom came to me in September 2021 — and it was October, in the midst of the spooky Halloween festivities, that the very first words for this story came to me: “Oh, my love, don’t lose me now/Come and find me, come and look/for me in this maze of pumpkins/Yes, of pumpkins and rattling bones”.

That’s where it all began, and so those were the first words I copied and pasted from my brainstorm document over to the first draft of the manuscript in January 2022 — and once I started writing this story, once I met and shook Gwyn’s hand, got to know her friends, and at last, crossed paths with the Autumn devil… that’s when I fell head over heels with this tale and world.

I hope it will feel the same to you, and that you’ll feel yourself transported to another realm while reading my newest book 🙂 Please enjoy Ink Blossom, and look forward to its sequels that will release in 2022/2023~

Thanks so much for reading my books ❤️


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— Lynn


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