NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Shore of Him (The Sea of Her 6)

The sea has sent Leilani and Keanu back to Hibiscus Island.
This is where it all began. And where it all will end.



Dear Weepers of Pearls & Wild Strangers from the Sea,

At last, the time has come. Today is the official release of The Shore of Him, the sixth and final book in The Sea of Her series ❤️

The Shore of Him is a book filled with romance and courage and desperation, as the story draws to an emotional conclusion…


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• The Shore of Him (The Sea of Her #6)

The sea has sent Leilani and Keanu back to Hibiscus Island.
This is where it all began. And where it all will end.

They soon become the people’s hope for defeating the false Queen poisoning their ocean, their island, and even their children, but Leilani and Keanu both know that this battle is different from the one they fought against the Twins.

This has become a war.
One they cannot hope to win on their own.

But even as familiar and unexpected allies arrive, Leilani and Keanu soon realize nothing is as it seems, and that they’ll have to look with more than their eyes in order to see through the games that are played and the masks that are worn.

As Yuka opens the hunt for the fourth Ocean Spirit in order to prevent Leilani and Keanu from awakening him, time is quickly slipping as shadows gather between the walls of the fallen castle where he resides.

Even with their pasts and true identities unraveled, Leilani and Keanu both still have demons to conquer and choices to make.

It brings them closer and deepens their love—
but will it last, will the outcome to this war bind them together forever… or tear them apart instead?



Writing The Shore of Him was quite a ride. To be honest, at first I was actually a little hesitant to start working on the book. Not because I didn’t have plenty of ideas — but rather because of the ideas that were already in place. I knew this book would be a roller coaster of emotions to work on… and it was even worse than I expected! 😉 I always feel emotionally connected to my characters in each and every book I write (if not, I know something’s fundamentally wrong with the story and I start from scratch), and I’ve become a little misty-eyed while writing certain scenes before, but this book has literally made me cry. After I wrote down the final words, I was a true Weeper of Tears, and felt a little lost for an entire week afterwards.

But, I’ve made it through the editing stages without emotionally breaking down again, so I think I’ve recovered well! 😀

I hope you will all enjoy this conclusion to Leilani’s and Keanu’s story. And if you do end up crying, I apologize, and I sincerely hope you will like this ending I have chosen for them ❤️

Thank you all so much for reading my stories 🙂


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— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


The final of a amazing series, I enjoyed every page! Thank you for writing.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m so glad you enjoyed THE SHORE OF HIM, IngeJo!! ♥️ Thank you so much for reading ☺️

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