Finished writing The Sea of Her series + new books + am I neglecting this blog?

Dear Weepers of Pearls & Wild Strangers from the Sea; dear Monster Kissers & Collectors,

At last, I’m here with a new blog post. To be honest, I published two new ones back in March, so I suppose “neglect” is too big a word, still it feels like quite a while since I actually posted an update regarding my writing. There is a reason for that, but I’ll get into that at the end of this post.

First things first! ❤️


• The Sea of Her has come to an end

In the second week of March, I sat down to work on THE SHORE OF HIM, the 6th and final book in The Sea of Her series — and last Thursday, on March 31st, I wrote the final words for the book. Which means I’ve only worked on it for 3 weeks… yet it felt like months, probably because THE SHORE OF HIM is such an intense, emotional roller coaster of a book.

To be honest, I literally cried after finishing the manuscript. I’m not sure what came over me, actually — I always feel emotionally connected to my stories and characters, but something about Leilani’s and Keanu’s tale coming to an end just both made me happy and terribly sad at once. Kind of having to say goodbye to the best of friends. And I don’t really like having to say goodbye.

However, I’ve sent the manuscript out to my beta readers, and revisions will start later this month and run through in May. Which means it’s not a final farewell yet; I still have plenty of work to do on the book 😉


• Time for a new journey

I just realized I’ve never spoken of this on this blog this year (see what I mean? I AM kind of neglecting this place), but in January/February, I took a quick break from The Sea of Her to write the first book in a brand new Paranormal Romance series! I’ve talked about it for a bit on social media, especially on Instagram, even though I’ve never really shared any details.

And actually, I’m still not going to, because the time isn’t there yet. If everything goes according to plan, however, the cover for the first book should be designed this month, so I can schedule a reveal pretty soon, and finally share some details. These new characters have managed to steal my heart yet again, so I’m stoked to introduce them to you soon 🙂

Next to that, I’m brainstorming for 4 or 5 different book series at the moment, so, well… it’s going to be busy. I promise to keep you posted 😉


• To blog… or to vlog?

Now, to tell you the reason why I haven’t been blogging a lot lately: it’s because I have decided to start vlogging. Yes. Next to my writing, I’m going to be a YouTuber. I’ll be in front of the camera, no more hiding behind-the-scenes, and talk your ears off about my greatest passion… which is writing! I think it’s also called “AuthorTube”? I’m still learning the lingo here, guys, so bear with me.

Basically, I’m simply going to share my life as a writer with you all, in a more visual way than a blog will ever allow me to do. To be clear, I won’t be stopping this blog, but there will be more regular updates on my future vlog instead. I haven’t finished any video yet, but if you’d like to be the first to see them, you can already subscribe to my YouTube channel over here~!

I can’t say exactly when my first vlog will be up. The plan is May at the latest, but that means I have to get to work and start some serious recording 😉 I’ve already been practicing a bit in my Instagram stories, and I am super hyped about all this! Please stay tuned~


So, lots of exciting things going on! I have many plans for this year, and can’t wait to share it all with you guys 😀


I hope you are all very well, and thank you for reading this blog! Tell me, what do you prefer these days? Blogs or vlogs? Personally, I used to be a blog-enthusiast, but these days I rarely read them (oops), and watch lots of vloggers instead. I just feel that seeing someone, hearing them talk to me, and with the right images and music, I feel so much more connected to people. But maybe that’s just me! What about you? ❤️


Feel free to leave a comment down below, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can also reach out to me on social media, or through email ( contact(at) )~


— Lynn


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That’s exciting news! I’m truly looking forward to your vlogs! I always love reading your posts, so I’m very curious to hear what you have to tell on your YouTube channel! So we see you in May! ( -no pressure lol- ) Goodluck !

“No pressure”, huh? Well, thank you, RHS! xD In all seriousness, though, I’m really glad you’d be interested in watching my vlog! I’ll work hard to get my first videos out soon 🙂

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