NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Pearls of Her (The Sea of Her 5)

For so long, Leilani has been waiting for a savior.
Now, the time has come for her to become a warrior herself.



Dear Weepers of Pearls & Wild Strangers from the Sea,

Today I’m celebrating my very first release of 2022, which is The Pearls of Her, the fifth book in The Sea of Her series 🙂

To save both Keanu and Sora from the Deep, Leilani has to explore the darkest depths of herself in order to retaliate against the false Queen of the Ocean… but will she be able to stay true to who she is, or lose herself to shadows?


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• The Pearls of Her (The Sea of Her #5)

For so long, Leilani has been waiting for a savior.
Now, the time has come for her to become a warrior herself.

Madam Deep’s mask has fallen, Kaholo’s true identity has been unraveled, and amidst the chaos, the turmoil of emotions, and the storm of confusion, Leilani has to give everything to prevent Madam Deep from selling her at the auction and taking the lives of Keanu and Sora.

And everything, is exactly what she has given.
Everything, is what she has lost.
Yet she has gained so much more.

As she dives into the darkest, unknown depths of herself, Leilani has to find a way not to lose all of her to the shadowy brothers she made a deal with.

But it is the only way to escape the Deep.
The only way to save her dear stranger from the sea, who is battling phantoms of his own and questions who he truly is, has always been, and is supposed to become.

Leilani, the Princess.
Keanu, the Guardian.
They both have their task to fulfill.

Although maybe, it is very different from what they ever imagined…



The Pearls of Her somehow felt a little different from the previous books. It’s action-packed, and barely gave me the chance to catch my breath before the next thing happened 😉 Yet it also slowed down when needed, and gave me the opportunity to explore many emotional themes and scenes which helped me flesh out Leilani’s and Keanu’s characters even more, making them feel even more raw and real to me. Hopefully, you will feel the same when reading the book!  ❤️


Also, this book means that Leilani’s and Keanu’s story is almost coming to an end — as book 6, The Shore of Him, will be the very final installment to this series and will release soon in eBook and paperback on June 21st in 2022!


Do you have any questions? Just have something to say? Please feel free to reach out to me on my blog, on social media, or through email ( ); I always love hearing from my readers! Also, I’d appreciate it if you’d consider adding the book to your Goodreads and/or on BookBub! 😀


— Lynn


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Congrats with your new book!!!!

It looks -as always- super beautiful! This series and the Kissing Monsters series are a MUST READ for every reader! You are an AMAZING writer!

Ohmigosh, thank you!! I don’t know what to say! So glad you’re enjoying my books ♥️

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