OFFICIAL COVER REVEALS & RELEASE DATES: The Sea of Her 5 and 6 | the final books

Dear Weepers of Pearls and Wild Strangers from the Sea,

At last, the time has come for me to reveal the final two covers in The Sea of Her series: book 5 THE PEARLS OF HER and book 6 THE SHORE OF HIM ❤️

Those of you who have read and finished book 4 have most probably already seen the cover for book 5 as it’s announced in the back, and the cover has been out there on Goodreads for a couple of months now — but today marks its official reveal and that of the very final book in the series, which hasn’t been shown anywhere before 😉


Leilani’s and Keanu’s battle against false Kings and Queens in order to save the ocean continues in book 5, and comes to a grand finale in book 6 — but there is more for them to fight against but the curse that has been poisoning the sea for so long: as their pasts and true identities unravel more and more, they both have demons to conquer and choices to make. It brings them closer and deepens their love—but will it last, will this war bind them together forever… or tear them apart instead?


Ready for the covers to be revealed?

You’d better be, because here they come!:




Personally, I’m so happy with my designer’s work and how the final covers came out ❤️ I’m having a hard time believing this journey with Leilani and Keanu is almost coming to an end; it’s been a year now that I began working on it, and I still remember those first few weeks of dipping my toes into this tale and meeting them both. It’s making me rather nostalgic, actually.

Sorry. Emotional writer’s brain talking. Moving on:


Release dates (mark your calender!)

• THE PEARLS OF HER releases on March 15th in ebook and paperback

• THE SHORE OF HIM releases on June 21st in ebook and paperback


Please look forward to these final two installments of The Sea of Her 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment down below, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can also reach out to me on social media, or through email ( contact(at) )~


— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


Beautiful covers! Great design work! The Sea Of Her series are truly a work of art! Congrats 🙂

Thank you, Stone!! 😀

Wonderful! I simply can’t wait to read how this marvelous series will conclude 🌺♥️

Thank you~!! You’ll read it soon! 😉

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