A Belated Happy 2022 — a year of creative freedom

No, I hadn’t forgotten about this blog. No, I wasn’t planning on remaining silent for so many weeks.

Yet I have, and here is why 🙂


Usually, at the end of every year, I always post an overview on December 31st in which I look back on the entire year. I revisit every single month and tell about the books I’ve written and published, as well as summarize all the things I’ve done and achieved.

However, at the end of 2021 I simply didn’t feel like doing so. Because I had been revisiting the year over and over in my head, and for some reason the feeling crept up on me that I hadn’t enough to tell you guys. That I hadn’t achieved enough that year.

Which isn’t true. In 2021 I published the final books of the Kissing Monsters series, published two new installments of the Insomnia Saga, and began publishing The Sea of Her series. You could say it was a year in which I said goodbye, kept going, and gave life to something new. Also, I published 10 new titles. If that’s not an achievement, then I don’t know what is.

But the fact remains that 2021 wasn’t a particular spectacular year for me. Nothing truly grand happened. All I’d built up in 2020 just calmly kept going at a steady, easy pace. And as the final weeks of 2021 crept up, I started to feel disappointed with myself because… because why? Well, that’s a very good question, because I worked just as hard as I had other years, and there was no reason to start blaming myself.

As New Year’s Eve came around, though, I’d managed to clear out my messy thoughts, and felt a lot lighter: I simply had to realize that it’s okay if some years are a little slow. In hindsight, 2021 was a year meant to slow down and just work quietly behind the scenes. A year that wasn’t meant for noise and grand happenings. And that’s fine.

Anyway, I could’ve posted something on New Year’s Day, of course, but I still needed a bit of extra reflection and quiet time for myself. I took a break from social media as well, and haven’t shared anything about my plans for 2022 yet.

I do have plans, though. Oh yes, I certainly do 😀


Of course, I can’t predict what 2022 will bring me — it can go absolutely crazy. But either way, I have granted myself permission to go absolutely crazy in my writing. Meaning, I am giving myself some creative freedom this year: I am allowing myself to work on ANY project that calls out to me.

Last week I’ve already finished the fifth book in The Sea of Her series, THE PEARLS OF HER, which will be prepared for its release on March 15th in the next several weeks. But instead of diving straight into the sixth and final book, I am first going to work on the opening book of a brand new series (which I’m going to keep absolutely secret for now 😉 ). Also, this year I’ll be working on the final books in the Insomnia Saga, SOMNUS and The Somnus Fileswhile also working on brand new projects.

In 2022 I will probably publish less new works than I did in the past two years. Due to some personal circumstances I’ve fallen a bit behind on my writing schedule, and the reason I felt down at the end of 2021, was because I found myself stressing a bit because I was working from release to release and writing on deadlines.

This year, I will take the time to “stock up”, so to speak, on brand new series which I can then publish over the following years in a more rapid pace, just like before 😉

I am absolutely stoked about this, and of course I’ll keep you all posted! The books that will definitely release this year are books 5 and 6 of The Sea of Her, as well as books 4 and 4.5 of the Insomnia Saga. Whether there’ll be any surprise releases, I do not know yet — but never say never; anything can happen ♥️♥️


Thank you for reading, and a belated happy 2022 everyone! Let’s make the most of it 😀


— Lynn


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Wishing you a beautiful year of creative freedom; keep on writing your beautiful stories – you’re an amazing writer! 👏❤️😍

Wow, thank you so much, Stone!! Wishing you a wonderful, healthy 2022 😊

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