NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Deep of Him (The Sea of Her 4)

The Queen of the Ocean has risen.
Once more, the Crown has been claimed by a tainted soul.



Dear Weepers of Pearls & Wild Strangers from the Sea,

And here we are, in the final month of 2021… which means that today I am celebrating my final release of this year! The Deep of Him, book 4 in The Sea of Her series, a Paranormal Romance in a tropical ocean setting, is out today! ❤️

The Queen of the Ocean has risen. Once more, the Crown has fallen into the hands of a tainted soul. In book 4, Leilani is taken to the sinister world of the Deep, where nothing is as it seems and the truth of Keanu’s past is slowly unraveling…


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• The Deep of Him (The Sea of Her #4)

The Queen of the Ocean has risen.
Once more, the Crown has been claimed by a tainted soul.

As a new curse comes to life, Leilani feels the sea slip into shadows darker than ever before, and realizes it is up to her to defend it.

But how can she fight back against the most powerful queen all of mankind has ever known?
How can she fight back, when her Guardian, her dear stranger from the sea—the one who has been chosen to protect her, the one man she has given her heart to—is wearing a mask she cannot see behind?

Leilani is taken to the sinister world of the Deep, where there are countless secrets to be unraveled, violent games are being played, and where she will have to choose whether she will remain the girl she has always been… or embrace the side of herself that she’s been running from for years.

Maybe only then, she can save Keanu.
Perhaps only then, she can save the sea.



The Deep of Him takes the story of Leilani and Keanu into darker depths. Writing it felt very different from the previous three books — and yet, it simply felt right for their tale to take on such a sinister twist, as I’d been hinting at it since book one. Confronting them with their own shadows and that of the world around them, really made them grow as characters and I enjoyed seeing them change, even though sometimes it was painful.

It was such a special manuscript to work on ❤️

Many questions will be answered in this book — yet many more will be raised 😉


Book 5, The Pearls of Her, will release soon in eBook and paperback on March 15th in 2022!


As this year is coming to an end and The Deep of Him is my final release, I just want to thank all my readers for their unwavering support. I keep repeating myself, but it truly means the world to me to see you enjoying my books 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Do you have any questions? Just have something to say? Please feel free to reach out to me on my blog, on social media, or through email ( ); I always love hearing from my readers! Also, I’d appreciate it if you’d consider adding the book to your Goodreads and/or on BookBub! 😀


— Lynn


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I am going to buy this one so I can go on reading this book I in the new year! I loved it so far and I am very curious how this story is going.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

That’s so cool! I’m honored to be one of your first 2022 reads ♥️ Thank you so much 🥰

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