NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Origins Files (Insomnia Saga 3.5)

“The Night Angels will have their revenge.
And you will meet the destiny you deserve, Summoner of Light.”


Dearest Sleepwalkers,

At last, here’s another new release in the series of the Insomnia Saga: The Origins Files, book 3.5, the third short story collection that connects to the historic story lines referred to in ORIGINS.

The Origins Files contains a short story written from Orion’s perspective, and a novella in which the story continues from the eyes of Alain, his best friend Frankie, Orion once more, and a brand new character called Eleanora… who prefers to be called “El”, actually. If you’d like to meet her, grab your own ebook or paperback copy here!:


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• The Origins Files (Insomnia Saga #3.5)

The Origins Files contains a short story and a novella, told from the perspectives of Alain Somnus—the first Summoner of Light to ever rise—, Orion Fleming—the founder of the Night Angel Cult—, Frank Miller—a young man struggling to find his place in the world, no matter how much it has changed with the arrival of the Prowlers of Night—, and Eleanora Smith—who moves through the night like a thief and dreams of vengeance.

“The Night Angels will have their revenge.
And you will meet the destiny you deserve, Summoner of Light.”

In File #1 Orion Fleming remembers when he first met Nilisa Solovey, a wealthy girl who never should have had eyes for a poor boy like him, and yet fell in love with. Now the mother of his child, she has offered herself to be the Queen’s human host… but is Orion prepared to sacrifice the love of his life—or will desperation and heartache cause him to reach out to the world’s strongest Summoner, Alain Somnus… and betray the Night Angels?

The story of love and betrayal, secrets and guilt continues in File #2 as Alain finds out that Nilisa has given her body to the Queen of the Prowlers of Night, and he decides to step in as the savior the people believe him to be—though not without the help of Frank and his other friends, while having to deal with a young woman called El who knows more than she should.
His secret is on the verge of being exposed.
And the greatest battle he has ever fought is awaiting him, long-limbed and dark as night… and disguised as a girl of shadows.



The writing experience of each of these Insomnia Saga short story collections is a special thing for me. It’s actually quite different from the tales I usually write, as the history of this series isn’t a happy one, and so it forces me to explore darker themes and settle for sad endings, rather than the (bitter)sweet ones I tend to choose — simply because that makes me feel good.

Just as was the case with the previous two collections, The Origins Files was once again interesting to write, and maybe even a little challenging, because it was so sinister and sorrowful. Still, I really enjoyed myself, and in some cases I believe it’s fine to step out of your comfort zone for a bit.

The cast of this series is ever growing, and I hope you all feel just as connected to the new voices of Orion and El as I do. Please enjoy reading this latest installment to the series ❤️


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below, on social media, through email; I’ll get back to you ASAP 🙂 Also, I’d appreciate it if you’d consider adding the book to your Goodreads!


— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


Looking forward to start reading this! I love your books! Thank you for writing these beautiful stories! 😍😍😍😍😍

Thank you so much, Stone!! This means a lot 😀 Please enjoy these short stories!

It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I know for a fact that both stories are incredibly good as I loved reading this new collection <3

Yes, you have already read them, loyal beta reader! 😝 Jokes aside, thanks!! So happy you’ve enjoyed these stories ♥️♥️

I truly welcome the latest release from this amazing series! I’m very, very curious how the story continues. I love your style of writing!
BTW, beautiful book trailers and, as with all your books, stylish book cover design!

It means so much to me to read this, thank you so much! 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy this latest release from the Insomnia Saga! And I’m glad you like the design 😀

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