HALLOWEEN 2021: when i used to dream nightmares | part one

The rough texture of the rocky floor scraped against my feet, and heat pressed down on my skin.

All around me, the world was burning.

From the corners of my vision, I saw the walls to my left and right pulse in the rhythm of a heartbeat; the walls seemed to be made of both stone and fire, the red-glowing magma oozing heat, heat, so much heat, and a wicked kind of darkness that tangled in my chest and made the air in my lungs heavy and suffocating.

I did not want to walk on.

Yet I did.

My heart racing, I took a step forward and then another one, emerging from the narrow cave into a larger one, the ceiling so high that all I could see were shadows — that is, if I would look up.

I did not.

For the floor, the walls, my body, everything began to tremble as a deep, thundering roar shook the cave, so loud that it was deafening, the cacophony vibrating in my very bones.

A creature rose from the sea of fire before me, blocking my only path, its eye sockets empty and dark — they were infinite shadows in which I found nothing but emptiness and corruption.

It was a monster.

A devil.

A dragon.

Made of bones.


Well, I can imagine by now you are probably wondering: what is this? Is it a new story? Has this crazy author written YET ANOTHER new book?

Nope, I have not, sorry!

This simply is the introduction to my very first Halloweenish blog post of 2021, part one of “When I Used to Dream Nightmares🎃


Sometimes I get asked whether I find inspiration in my dreams, and although I sometimes actually do (but that’s for another future blog post), I must say that often my dreams are just plain weird, don’t make any sense, and really are actually pretty mundane.

But that hasn’t always been the case.

As a child, I went through a phase in which I often dreamed nightmares. I think I was about 5 or 6 years old. I had a few of them every week. I don’t remember for how long this went on, and most of the time the nightmares were different, except for this particular one which I kept dreaming for several times.

It was the nightmare of the Skeleton Dragon.

That’s how I came to call it, as this monster must have visited me at night at least three times. I can still remember it so vividly, and it’s exactly as I described it above; suddenly I found myself in a dark, burning cave, where I felt unsafe and simply knew something bad was going to happen. But I couldn’t go anywhere else, and all I could do was walk on.

Then, the dream ended with the dragon rising from the lava and towering over me, roaring and intimidating.

After that, I always woke up, and ran over to my parents’ bedroom.


Back then it seriously terrified me and I remember actually being afraid to go to sleep at night, scared for whatever I would dream, even though my parents kept telling me it was just a dream and that it could not hurt me. Yeah, well, what else could they say to me? They couldn’t just pluck this horror scenario out of my head.

Nowadays, however, I find myself intrigued by my dreams from back then. Especially since I was so young, and I don’t recall ever having seen a horror movie at that age (I think I was 9 years old when I saw my first really creepy one).

Although, I think I can see where this Skeleton Dragon nightmare came from: back then, I used to play this game for the Nintendo 64 (yep, I’m talking about the good old 90’s here!), called Yoshi’s Story. There was a particular level in which you had to find your way through a cave and battle against fire spewing bone dragons. And oh wow, how that level terrified me 😅

If you’d like, you can watch a part of it here:


To be honest, now I actually think the dragons look quite cute and not very scary at all, but bear in mind that I was no older than 6 years old back then, okay? My dad and sister used to play this level for me, because I wasn’t brave enough.

But after the nightmare kept recurring, one day I was simply sick of it — and so I turned on the N64, inserted the game, sat down, and forced myself to play through the level all on my own; and with that, somehow, I managed to shove my fears aside and before I knew it, I had defeated this terrible creature.

The nightmare never returned after that, not even once.

And that was a turning point for me: that is when my fascination for horror and scary things began.

So in the end, I am grateful for the nightmares I had as a kid, as they were actually filled with fantasy, and simply were a reflection of my wild imagination that was a bit too much to handle for me at first, but then became something I loved and began to feed by playing video games, watching movies, and reading books 🙂

Nightmares aren’t all bad. Some are, in hindsight, pretty awesome.

Or is that just my wicked mind talking?




All right, this is it for this week — later this month I will return with part two of “When I Used to Dream Nightmares“, as I’ll tell you guys about a whole other dream as well as the horror of suggestion… and how that often returns in my storytelling 😉


Happy Halloween everyone.

May your dreams be filled with lovely nightmares…


— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


Brilliant, Halloweeny blogpost, sis~!

The intro was just superb and eerie, and indeed instantly reminded me of that time long ago when that skeleton dragon haunted your dreams. It looks cute now, but back then, even I found it pretty scary! ^__^

Aww, thanks!! <3 Yeah, it's strange how scary things can seem when you're a kid, and when you see it years later, it isn't creepy at all! Although, this nightmare would most probably still terrify me these days 😛

What a creepy dreams did you have when you were a kid. And how awesome that you turned it in such fantastic books. I think they’re great!
So I feel sorry for you that you did have such scary dreams when you were young, but I am glad that it turned you in such a wonderful writer.

Thank you so much, IngeJo!! It indeed wasn’t too great for me when I went through that phase as a kid, but in the end, I am weirdly grateful for it because it has really affected my writing in the best of ways 😉

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