“I have failed the sea,” she whispers.

“Oh, dear Princess… haven’t we all?”

— The Deep of Him (The Sea of Her 4)


Dear Weepers of Pearls and Wild Strangers from the Sea,

If you happen to follow me on social media, you probably already know this… but last week I’ve begun working on the fourth book of The Sea of Her series, entitled THE DEEP OF HIM ❤️

I thought it would be fun to dedicate a blog post to tell you all a bit more about the writing process of this manuscript, such as what is currently inspiring me and how it feels to me to be working on this book 🙂

Shall we dive in?


Since book 3, THE TIDE OF HER, isn’t published yet, I can’t go into details as that would mean giving away a lot of spoilers (and nobody likes spoilers!), but I think it’s safe to say that going into the second half of the series (as this is book 4 out of 6) is pretty intense.

To be honest, as I was taking notes of all my ideas for THE DEEP OF HIM over the last summer while also working on the plot outline, filling out the details and deciding where the story would take the characters, I was equally excited and a little bit worried about where it was going.

Although the first three books certainly have some darker themes going on, there was also room for a lot of magic and (most of all!) romance. It made them quite relaxing projects to work on for me, as my characters actually had a chance to take a breather from time to time and even enjoy some cozy scenes, such as Leilani working in the restaurant, or her and Keanu exploring Hibiscus Island by visiting other towns and spending lazy afternoons in beautiful forests.

THE DEEP OF HIM, however, feels much grittier as it explores the darker themes that were mostly hinted at in the first books, forcing Leilani and Keanu into situations neither wants to be in, confronting them with choices of life and death. This made me a little apprehensive at first, as I wondered if this book would fit the other three and would answer the readers’ expectations (yes, you guys!).

But as I wrote the first few chapters last week and as I’ve been working on the manuscript this week as well… I’ve come to the realization there’s nothing to worry about. Leilani’s and Keanu’s characters are bound to grow and evolve, that’s what series are for after all — yet they still feel like the same persons to me, and the things they’ll be going through in this book have been inevitable from the very start.

The funny thing is, I was worried about the very same thing when I worked on book 2, since it has way more action than the first and also felt a lot darker to me — yet the reviews and responses I’ve received so far for this book have been nothing but enthusiastic, as many readers even said they enjoyed THE WAVES OF HIM even more than THE SEA OF HER, while already loving that one.

Working on THE DEEP OF HIM is absolutely awesome. I’m enjoying myself so much, because the chapters are filled with tension and shadows. The writing flow has been amazing from the very first day I began working  on it — today is the fourth day of writing, and I’ve already finished 15 chapters. Need I say more? 😉


Even though The Sea of Her series isn’t “Halloweenish” at all, this time of the year is certainly inspiring me, mostly because of the book’s darker atmosphere that just suits the autumn season so well.

But let’s talk about my other great source of inspiration when it comes to writing: MUSIC ❤️

To let you guys get a feel for this book, I’d like to share two tracks which I’ve been listening to non-stop while writing the first chapters! The first one has a bit of a sci-fi vibe going on, which may seem like an odd choice for me since The Sea of Her has not a single sci-fi element in it (how could it, if it’s a Paranormal Romance book, right?), yet the mood is simply perfect. The second track is a more tragic one, which I feel fits Leilani pretty well 🙂



I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do~


It’s time for me to wrap up this blog post, and get back to work on THE DEEP OF HIM 😉 I’m really enjoying the writing process (the flow is just magical), and super excited to see where this journey will take Leilani and Keanu — even if it leads them to the darker side of their world. I’m sure they’ll only come out of it stronger ❤️


Please look forward to THE TIDE OF HER, book 3 in the series, coming very soon on October 26th! I can’t wait for you all to read it 😀

Thanks so much for reading today’s post~


— Lynn


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You made me very curious about the coming books! I love the first two parts so much already. I didn’t listen to the music yet, but I am sure I will very soon.

Ooh, I’m so glad to hear that you’re curious about the sequels! I’m quite excited about the books myself, and can’t wait to share them with the world 😉 Thanks for your message, IngeJo!!

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