A Little Bit About Me: When I Finished my Very First Manuscript

Actually, a usual writing update was due for this week.


But in all honesty, I just don’t feel like writing one. At all.


Which is why today I’d like to talk about something different. I want to talk about June, the sixth month of the year, the start of summer; to be exact, I want to talk about the month of June 14 years ago, when I was a fourteen year-old-girl, a teenager who spent her free hours after school and homework drawing, playing video games… and writing stories.


I want to share a cherished memory with you all.


Let’s just begin by saying I never really liked school. The classrooms felt stuffy to me, stifling even, and although I’ve always been eager to learn new things, there were several classes that just felt like a waste of time to me, as I had to pour so much of myself into studying things I just knew I would never have any use for in the future.


So, whenever I could, I loved to escape to other worlds. Those created by others and brought to life in books, movies, and video games — but especially those I could make myself.


I had always liked writing. As soon as I’d learned how to read and write as a little kid, I began making up short stories, about a wizard who had lost his book of spells and needed the help of several witches to find it so he could use magic again, or even one about a sunflower with razor-sharp teeth who bit everyone who came too close, until a brave girl with a watering can gave him some water and calmed him down (yeah, my mind has always been a weird place).


However, as I grew older, I realized I wanted to write an entire book. Not just short stories of several pages. No. I wanted to do what all those amazing authors did, whose books and series could hold me spellbound for days, weeks, months, with intricate storylines that grew with each book and made me yearn for the next release.


But it was hard. Again and again, I started writing a book, only for my ideas to dry up after only a few chapters. I kept losing touch with my characters, didn’t know where to take the story, and so I kept giving up on a project only to dive into a new one a little while later… to end up with yet another unfinished manuscript.


It didn’t really bother me, though. After all, I was only a kid, and writing was just about having fun.


Yet something changed 14 years ago, during a rainy holiday in May. I was at home, the skies were gray, and it kind of put me in a melancholy mood. I just sat behind my computer, listening to my favorite anime and video game soundtracks… and there it was; a new story idea, unfurling in my brain. Characters whose voices were suddenly so clear.


I just started writing.


The story opened on a rainy night, and during this first chapter the main character — a guy with some made-up fantasy name which I may or may not use again in the future, because I still quite like it — was fighting for his life against an enemy who wanted him dead for some reason. Honestly, I don’t even remember why anymore. And maybe I didn’t even know it back then, but it just didn’t matter.


What mattered was that even after the holiday ended and I went back to school, I kept on writing. What mattered was that May turned to June and no matter how busy I was with homework, I kept finding moments of spare time to add chapter after chapter to this story. What mattered was that I didn’t lose touch with my characters and grew to love them deeply in just a matter of weeks.


What mattered was that I, later that month, finished it.


Finished my very first manuscript.


It was only 75 pages. It was mixture of several video games and anime shows I loved; you could definitely tell what had influenced me back then, and so maybe it wasn’t all that original. In truth, it was a mess; the writing was flawed, the storyline lacking. Actually, it felt more like a sequel to a book that had never been written, instead of the start of something new.


But it did not matter. It still doesn’t.


Because by finishing my very first manuscript, I tasted something that I wanted to know more of. By finishing it, I began writing more and more and slowly honed my skills as a writer. I finished my second manuscript in August that same year, during my summer holidays. My third, the next year.


And I’m sure that if I’d read those manuscripts now, I would cringe in agony because, really, those stories weren’t very good.


But like I said — it doesn’t matter.


Finishing those manuscripts have all brought me to where I am today: a published author with two complete series, and two more that are currently getting published.


I am so happy to be where I am today.


Which is why, whenever June comes around and I smell the familiar scents of this month, whenever it is gray and I smell the rain falling on warm earth, I find myself remembering how I wrote and finished my very first manuscript back in 2007, and how much the story meant to me afterwards and actually still does, as the characters are always in the back of my mind.


One day, I hope to rewrite this story. To turn it into the book, the series it was always supposed to be, but which I wasn’t ready to write back then, because I barely knew what the hell I was doing.


One day, I hope to reunite with those characters again and have you, my readers, meet them.


But whatever happens, I will forever have this memory, and it will always remind me why I fell in love with writing and why I’ll keep doing it for the rest of my life.


To tell the tales that are born in my mind.

To give life to all those characters, all those voices I really want to be heard.

To share worlds with other people for them to escape to, if only for just a little while, just like other authors and creators have always done and still do for me.


Thank you for reading this, especially if you’ve made it all the way here! I just didn’t feel like summarizing my weeks — maybe I’m in a melancholy mood, or maybe I just wanted to try something new for this blog, but I simply wanted to share something about myself, something that felt a bit more personal.


Please feel free to let me know whether you enjoyed it; if so, I might write more blog posts like this, because I realize I have a lot more to tell 🙂 Also, if you’d like to know more about something, or would like me to get into more details, just leave a comment below!


Well. This is it for today ❤️


Warm wishes,


Posted by Lynn Robin


After I read this, I honestly think you were born to be a professional writer! Even this short personal look into your life reads like a fascinating story! 😍 I love your honesty and the way you explain the events that made you who you are today. I truly love your books and I hope to read a lot of your fabulous and wonderful stories in the years to come! You are one of my favorite writers! Thank you for sharing this beautiful ‘behind the scenes’ story! 😍👏😍👏😍👏😍👏😍👏

Hi Stone, thank you so much for your kind words!! ❤️❤️ I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this blog post; I’ll write and share more like these from now on, so stay tuned! Once again, thank you 🙂

Thank you for sharing this. It is a kind of moving personal story of trial and error but to never give up, and it brought you where you are now; you are a talented writer at the start of a great career! Very inspiring too! keep it up!

Thank you very much, RHS! 😀 I’m totally stoked to hear my story managed to inspire you! Thank you ❤️

I really enjoyed reading your story. It is very clear why your such a fantastic writer. You have a very big passion and you have always followed your heart. I am looking forward to read more of you in the future.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

That’s so kind of you to say, IngeJo, thank you ❤️ Happy you enjoyed it!!

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