NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Sea of Her (The Sea of Her 1)

Leilani has a gift:
the tears she cries all turn into pearls.



Dear Weepers of Pearls & Wild Strangers from the Sea,

Today I am so excited to announce that The Sea of Her, the first book in my brand new Paranormal Romance series, is now available as eBook and paperback!!

The Sea of Her kicks off the story of Leilani, also known as the Weeper of Pearls, a young woman who is trapped on an island ruled by the sinister Twins… and a mysterious young man who inexplicably washes ashore, and who may or may not be the savior she’s been waiting for all this time.


The Sea of Her is available as a FREE ebook download on:

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* The Sea of Her is also available on Amazon for 0.99; however, if you’d like a MOBI file, you can also download it for free on Smashwords


The Sea of Her is available in paperback edition for $10.99 on:



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• The Sea of Her (The Sea of Her #1)

Leilani has a gift:
the tears she cries all turn into pearls.

Three years ago, her well-kept secret got exposed — and upon finding out, the sinister Twins who rule the island have claimed her as their bride-to-be.

The Twins stole the Crown from the King of the Ocean many years ago, obtaining powers no man should possess, holding everyone prisoner and controlling dark sea creatures that haunt the streets at night.

Desperate for divine intervention, Leilani throws a message in a bottle into the sea, pleading for the King of the Ocean to awaken from his slumber and save her.

The next day, she finds an unconscious young man on the beach.

Keanu is a mystery, quiet and seemingly cold-hearted, stormy-eyed and bearing scars, harboring deep secrets of his own.

Could he be the King?
Or could he at least be Leilani’s savior?



The Sea of Her is a story that has been on my mind for a couple of years, and it feels so special to me to see it has become an actual book now. The moment I held the eBook and then the paperback edition in my hands, it was so unreal. Every time I start a new series it feels magical — and I hope it feels the same way to you, dear reader, and that you will enjoy the start of this new story and that you’ll be there with me for the adventure ❤️ At the moment, five books are planned for the entire series.

And don’t forget, book 2, The Waves of Him will release soon in eBook and paperback on August 24th!


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— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


This, THE SEA OF HER, is again – an amazing good book with a very, very original storyline!

Lynn Robin you did it again: you continue to amaze me with your writing skills!!! I loved reading every page and looking forward to read book two of this new series! I love your books! 😭♥️😭♥️😭♥️

To other readers I have to say: This is definitively a MUST READ ! 😭♥️😭♥️😭♥️

Ohmigosh, Stone, thank you so, SO much for your amazing words…!! I am very happy you enjoyed reading The Sea of Her, and that you’re looking forward to book 2! Thank you, I’m just speechless ♥️♥️

I just finish reading your new book, and as I already expected it’s awesome! I really enjoyed reading it.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

That’s amazing, IngeJo, thank you!! So happy you liked it! ♥️ 😀

What a wonderful book! ‘The Sea Of Her’ is a beautiful, magnificent and well written story. You are a very talented writer. 👏😍👍

Wow, thank you, RHS! I’m so glad you enjoyed the start of this series! ❤️ Thank you for the compliments~

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