MARCH 2021 Writing Update #1: Diving Deep into a New World

    “It is instinct,” Keanu suddenly says, and Leilani looks up slowly. He doesn’t meet her eye. “A life is still a life, an existence, no matter how dark it may be. Even a bad life can be hard to give up on. Because your heart is always insistent on beating on, your lungs on drawing breath. It is instinct,” he repeats, finally lifting his gaze, “to stay alive. And hope for something better.”

— quote from The Project That Shall Not Be Revealed… yet —


Yes. You’re reading this right. No. You’re not seeing things that aren’t there.

This is a quote from the first book of the brand new series I am now working on — it is real, it is there; a new book series is coming! 😀

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am very HAPPY and very RELIEVED.

I’ll tell you some more in this update. Let’s dive in!


• The Project That Shall Not Be Revealed… yet

In February’s Writing Update I told you how I was still struggling with the concept for a new book series. I kept on changing my mind, I kept on starting over on the plot outline again and again. I couldn’t decide on anything and none of the angles I came up with felt like the “right one”.

A few days after that update, I actually decided to give up on the project, because it simply drove me insane… and I just had to be honest with myself and admit that now obviously wasn’t the time to work on this story. So, I turned to another project that had been on my mind since 2019 and decided to work on that instead.

To be honest, I felt a bit reluctant at first. Attempting and failing to write the other series had left me feeling a little bit insecure (I was seriously worried I had somehow lost my touch over the Christmas holidays, or something), but as soon as I sat down and began taking notes for my ideas, it all just began to flow.

I’ve been pretty quiet about it, though, because I was still scared I’d change my mind any moment and decide to quit and move on to yet another project. BUT! Luckily, that is not the case, and this new project is slowly stealing my heart as I’m getting to know my new characters…; they’re so fascinating, I just want to find out more about them!!

So, yes, this new project is the real thing, and I enjoy working on it so much~

However, at this point, I still can’t reveal too much — except that the main characters are called Leilani and Keanu (as you’ve probably noticed in the quote I shared above!)… and that it’ll be an ocean/sea themed series with a fantasy and — of course — highly romantic twist 😀

And that is all I’m going to say before I get too excited and spill too much~ (CONTROL YOURSELF, WRITER!)


[By the way, I have been getting new ideas for the series I had to give up on! I’m so glad, because it felt like such a shame to quit. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be able to write the story after all…)


• Editing ORIGINS part 1

The revisions on ORIGINS part 1 (to be released March 25th in eBook edition) are in full swing here, and I’m enjoying it so much!! Sometimes I tend to forget editing can actually be fun, instead of just tiring. I don’t know why, though.

However, it’s great to connect with Jodi and Kay again. Reading about them in book 3 gives me so many feels (their relationship is so complex, I’m both frustrated and in love with those two~) and really makes me want to write the fourth and final book. The plan is to at least start working on it this year. It’s going to be so intense… 😉


That is it for now, guys! I’m so glad to be back in my usual writing flow, and I’m really happy to be able to share that with you all in this first Writing Update of March 2021 ♥️ I’m really excited for the upcoming months, and I’ll keep you all posted on the new book series! I’m planning to reveal some more after April, when the final book in the Kissing Monsters series is released… Stay tuned!


— Lynn


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WOW! That’s absolutely great news!; A brand new Lynn Robin book series is in preparation! And I must say, the introductory quote is already very intriguing to read! Enjoy your writing, I’m looking forward reading this! 🙂

Thanks so much, Stone!! I’m really glad to hear you’re already excited for my new series 😀 I’ll share more ASAP!

I’m looking forward to reading a new Lynn Robin book series, thanks for the update!

That’s good to hear, RHS, thank you!! 🙂

Your on fire, I can hardly wait to read your new book 📚 📚📚📚📚

I sure am!! Thanks so much for your support, IngeJo ♥️

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