Secrets. Betrayal. Lies.
Angels. Monsters. Nightmares.

It all began with a kiss.
It will all end with another one.



My dear Monster Kissers,

Time is flying, which means today’s already the day: the official release of KISSING SECRETS, the seventh installment in the Kissing Monsters series! This book slowly builds up towards the series’ climax, as Kiss and Zane are confronted by the Angel Made of Fire, and Skylar has to make a choice that could alter the course of destiny.


KISSING SECRETS is available in ebook for $1.99 on:

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Watch the official book trailer:



• KISSING SECRETS (Kissing Monsters #7)

Zane is standing in front of Kiss, a breathing shield to protect her against everything and anything, everyone and anyone.
But he can’t shield her from the truth.
No. Not even he can.


The Angel Made of Fire is still alive.

He has survived the attack of the Nightmares—but he holds Kiss and Zane responsible for the chaos that has been unleashed upon heaven and earth, demanding of them to find a solution.
No matter the fact that neither of them ever meant for this to happen;
No matter the fact that it has all been done out of love.

As Skylar realizes she is losing control over the Nightmares, she struggles to tighten her grasp and starts to realize she has given Julian far more power than he should ever have received.
A tentative trust blooms to life between her and August, but are they strong enough to stand up against Julian, the former Monster of Cages?

Secrets. Betrayal. Lies.
Angels. Monsters. Nightmares.

It all began with a kiss.
It will all end with another one.



I hope you’ll all enjoy the seventh book in the Kissing Monsters series! Thank you so much for reading the story of Kiss and Zane 🙂


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— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


Yes, part 7 is for sale now, I am going to buy it ASAP. I can’t wait to read it.📚📚📚📚📚

Thank you so much, IngeJo!! Please enjoy this seventh installment 🙂

CONGRATS with book seven from the KM series! 🙂 Going to read this coming saterday – can’t hardly wait – I truly love the Kissing Monsters series – most original storytelling ! 🙂

Thank you, Stone!! I hope you’ll enjoy book 7 and that you’ll have a great weekend 😉 Also, thank you for your kind words!

Great news! I’m sure I will enjoy reading this ! Thanks for the update.

That’s great to hear, thank you RHS! 😀

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