FEBRUARY 2021 Writing Update #1: Words in the Snow

February is here and oooh, how cold it is — it began snowing last weekend and kept snowing until Tuesday. It’s also been quite stormy, so even our balcony got covered in whiteness! I felt a bit like a little kid when I got out of bed Sunday morning and opened the curtains 😀

As you can tell, I really like snow. It just makes the winter feel less “pointless”, you know? I mean, if it has to be cold all the time and the trees have to be bare, at least give me something in return. Like snow.

The thing is, snowy days really inspire me. It just looks magical and makes the outside world appear extra cold when you’re nice and warm inside your home, and it also makes me want to write more, or read more, play more video games, etc. I guess because it makes everything feel extra cozy.

Anyway, let’s touch on some other points for this update!


• Operation Book Publication Preparations: SUCCESSFUL

Last week my book designer and I worked our butts off to prepare the final three Kissing Monsters installments for their publications in February, March, and April (KISSING SECRETS, KISSING PASSION, and the second Kissing Monsters Collection), meaning we had to create the eBooks, design the paperback edition for the Collection, update the website, make the book trailers, schedule them, etc.

It was super busy, and I actually don’t know how we’ve managed all this in about 4 to 5 days, but we did it! I’m totally prepared for the book releases now, and really looking forward to them 😀


• Editing ORIGINS — part one

This week I sat down to edit the first half of ORIGINS (Insomnia Saga 3), which will be released in eBook only edition on March 25th (I told you guys more about this in last week’s blog post).

It was pretty exciting for me to dive back into this project, as I’ve written the manuscript almost a year ago. I even managed to surprise myself a few times, because I’d totally forgotten what happened next, lol~ Guess that’s a given when you write several manuscripts a year. It’s impossible to keep track of every single detail.

Anyway, the editing went smoothly and I’ve already sent the manuscript to my beta-readers. Jodi and Kay will return very soon… 🙂


• The Big New Project

Since I’m done editing, I now (finally!) have a couple of weeks ahead of me in which I can write full time, meaning I can invest all of my time in the New Project. In my last Writing Update I told you about my struggles in finding the right angle for this story. In that very blog post I said I had finally found the best way to tell this story — and yet, a couple of days later, I realized yet again that it still wasn’t good enough.

(This resulted in some hysterical laughter.)

I’ve begun working on the plot outline (again) yesterday. And then started all over again today, because my mind is still in utter chaos and I can’t seem to decide which angle to go with! I really hope I’ll be able to start writing this book for real soon, since this is starting to get… well, annoying, actually, lol. I’m not used to changing my mind over a story this often!

Anyway, I do already have several detailed ideas for at least three sequels, so I am excited to see where this series is going… Now just try to write book 1 first 😉



That’s it for now! See you guys in the next update ♥️


Question of the day! — Do you like snow?


— Lynn


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