JANUARY 2021 Writing Update #2: How I Managed to Freak Myself Out

Well hello there, everyone~

As it’s already the final week of January, I figured another Writing Update would be in order. Some of you might have seen some smaller updates on my social media during the last couple of weeks… and might have noticed I was on the verge of some kind of Mental-Breakdown-for-Crazed-Writers, especially last week (nothing too serious, I promise, lol).


I’ll explain.


• Chaotic Fantasy

In my previous Writing Update I told you guys that I was about to embark on a new journey by starting on a brand new book series. That’s always a fun, exciting thing, right? I thought so too.

But the thing is, my mind is so full with so many ideas, that I had a hard time focusing on anything during the first few days. Anyway, in the end I finally managed to concentrate again (without feeling like some kind of loopy monkey that’d rather bounce around all day), and I had all these crazy ideas for the story, all these background information for my characters, a massive amount of world-building, an impossible love story… all the ingredients needed for a series.

However, it was all too much.

Every time I had outlined a few chapters, I realized things were getting way too complicated and messy — really, I didn’t want to put my readers through this mess, and actually? The thought of having to write out these chapters kind of made me feel… exhausted. The story was getting out of hand before I even truly started it, and I had a tough time sorting it all out.

I soon realized the key was to simplify the story, by taking out some characters and events and saving them for later books.

That helped.

Yet still wasn’t the solution. I kept on struggling and thinking, until last week — on Thursday night — I truly thought I had it; but when I woke up on Friday and went through my morning routine, I realized my ideas were absolute crap and that I still hadn’t found the right way to tell this story. To be honest, for a moment there I was about to give up on the entire project and move on to another one.

UNTIL… seriously, I think the minute after thinking that, the minute after figuring I should just let go of it for now… I got this amazing idea.

And from that idea, another one unfurled. And another one. Before I knew it, my usual brainstorming flow kicked in, and the ideas and solutions just kept on coming, and finally, I had found the best way to introduce the world and give voice to the characters, who had been starting to feel like wooden puppets to me that just stood around, gaping at me while waiting for me to tell them what to do, rather than breathing humans who tell the story instead.

Which means? I am back. I took the entire weekend off just to take notes and let it all grow inside my mind, and since this Monday I’ve been working on yet another plot outline — and this time I am truly getting excited about this project and falling in love with the characters 😀


• Freaky Times

In all honesty, last week I got a bit worried. I seriously felt like I had somehow “lost my touch” and wasn’t, for some reason, able to coherently tell a story anymore. I began to wonder how the hell I ever began a new series without losing myself in a mountain of ideas.

But that is exactly what helped me figure it out; I always tell myself, when I begin a new series, I have to start out simple. The complications and details can be introduced later in the sequels, as the story and characters evolve. That way, as a writer, I evolve with them — and so do the readers.

It’s quite simple, actually, but I was kind of lost for a bit. And yes, that freaked me out big time 😛


Anyways, I’m back in business again, and very excited to see where this new story is going. As soon as I can share more with you all, I will! 😉


That’s it for this week’s Writing Update! I’m already gearing up for February, in which it is time to prepare the final books of Kissing Monsters for their releases… An update on that will be up on the blog next week!


— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


🙂 This is what I love about you as a writer; you have no qualms about telling us readers what you are going through as a writer; you are always very open about the fact that you have good times and sometimes worse times while designing and planning book scenarios!

You make it very clear that writing a book is a very conscious process of trial and error, but also of persistence! Not everyone can do that and master this discipline – you clearly do! 🙂

Great news to hear that we can expect a new book series from Lynn Robin in the future that lies ahead; Can’t wait to find out what you have in store for us now – ALL YOUR BOOKS ARE AMAZING!

Have a great time writing! 🙂

Thank you so much, I’m happy to hear that 🙂 Writing is a process that really depends on having a smooth, creative flow, which can get disrupted even in the case of having too many ideas 😉

Great to hear you’re already looking forward to the new series!! I’m working hard behind the scenes here, and hope that I can share more in the (very) near future!

Thanks for your message as always, Stone! I appreciate your support!!

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