JANUARY 2021 Writing Update #1: The Return of the Writer Girl

Hi there Monster Kissers, and welcome to my very first Writing Update of 2021 ❤️

If you’re following me on social media, you’d probably noticed I was rather quiet on there during the last three weeks…


• Writer Girl became Gamer Girl

That’s because I actually, truly, took some time off.

In 2020 I’ve practically been writing non-stop, and even in December I had no means of slowing down. However, at the start of my holidays I treated myself to a new video game I’d been wanting to play for months (but simply didn’t allow myself to buy “because I was too busy”), and I got so absorbed in it that I simply stopped thinking about writing. YES. I even stopped taking notes. I just allowed myself to completely lose myself in the game’s story and world, and I am so glad I did that — that I’ve given myself that “gift”, so to speak 😀

(In case you’re wondering, the game I’m talking about is the amazing Final Fantasy VII Remake — I’ve been a huge fan of the franchise ever since the movie “Advent Children” came out when I was 13, and wow, I’ve fallen head over heels with the world and characters all over again. It’s just magical. If you’re into action RPG games with dizzying sword fights and an emotional and mind-bending storyline, I highly recommend it.)

(In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not being paid to advertise this game, lol)

Sorry, I went off-topic here: what I’m actually trying to say is that I have really enjoyed my time off, and that it has been so good for me. I’ve come up with all new kinds of ideas and concepts for book series I’m working on or want to write, simply by taking a break and doing something completely different 🙂 I’m feeling so well-rested, and only now realize how much I’ve needed to wind down and just let go of stuff.


• Back to work… slowly

I’ve been back in business since Monday, quick-editing the manuscripts of Kissing Monsters books 7 and 8… but I’m feeling a bit less fanatical than usual, meaning I’m allowing myself an hour or so at the end of each day to play my current video game obsession some more 😉 Normally I don’t do that, because I’m usually too disciplined to “indulge” myself, lol~ (I’m a real nutter, I guess.)

However, it’s actually important for me to start things up slowly again. Now that the final revisions of the Kissing Monsters books are drawing near, it means that I’m on the verge of actually wrapping up the project… which will give me time to take on a new one, next to working on the Insomnia Saga (I expect to finish writing this series this year also).

In December I excitedly told you guys about a new book I’d been working on, that started out as a stand-alone and then turned into a series. I’ve gotten lots of new ideas for this project, though at this point I’m not entirely sure yet that it will be the one I’ll be working on soon. As I said above, many things have changed in that brain of mine ever since I took time off, and right now my mind and inspiration are all over the place.

For now I’m writing down ideas for several series, hoping that it’ll help me figure out what new project I’d like to tackle 🙂


This is it for now, guys! I’m excited about all the books I will be writing this year, especially because at this point I’m not even sure which they’ll be yet (this is new for me, lol). As always, I’ll keep you posted!


— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


Good to hear that you have taken a relaxing period during the past holidays; at some point every person has to break through daily life by doing something completely different! BTW I also love Final Fantasy VII – seen the movie about 5 – 6 times over the years – GREAT 3D ANIMATION! 🙂


Exactly! I think I learned some kind of lesson from the last holidays 😉

And oh wow, I didn’t know there was a fellow FFVII fan among my readers, that’s awesome!! The movie’s still amazing 😀

And thank you! I’m currently getting new ideas for a project; I’ll keep updating my progress on the blog and social media 🙂

Good that you have given yourself some time of, that’s most of the time a good boost to recharge yourself. Now we’re waiting what you’re going to write this year, I guess it will be awesome as always. ❤️🥰😍📚📚

It sure is! I feel so energized now 😀 And thanks so much, I hope you’ll enjoy my publications of 2021 😉

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