DECEMBER 2020 Writing Update #1: Passionate Monsters


    Her voice—low, dark like the starry sky, soft, pleasant, kind, sweet—is a tender brush against his jagged heart.

— KISSING PASSION (Kissing Monsters 8) —


Hi Monster Kissers~!

What does December mean to you?

The first word I always think of is magic. Perhaps it’s simply because of the Christmas decorations, especially all those tiny lights that illuminate homes and streets as soon as the sun has set; it just looks mysterious to me, a bit fairytale-like. And maybe it’s also because December marks the start of the winter, which I always find to be a mystical season as the days grow shorter and darker, the wind cold and icy as it bites into your skin, the final falling leaves brittle and colorless. It’s like a hush settles over the world, especially at night, making me imagine anything might be possible and anything could haunt the shadows…

Every year December manages to both catch me by surprise (because, suddenly, the year is coming to an end) and bewitch me, reminding me it’s all right to slow down a bit for those last few weeks of the year, helping me to dream about the things I wish to achieve in the new year, and making me reflect on the last twelve months.

However, we’ve still got an entire month before us… and I’ve already started off strong 🙂



In November I mentioned I was working on the plot outline for KISSING PASSION, the eighth book in the Kissing Monsters series.

On December 1st, I finished it 😉

Today I have read and quick-edited the entire manuscript, fixing some final plot issues which I thought could be improved. As I am writing this post, I have just finished working on it since about thirty minutes ago. Yesterday I felt a bit dazed being done with the book, but I feel like today I’ve had the time to process it — and it feels SO good ❤️❤️

As book 8 is the grand finale to the story, it was a rather heavy and emotional manuscript to write, possibly one of the most emotional books I have ever written 😉 And the thing is, I can hardly share why, because book 5 will release only this month; I can’t say a thing without giving away spoilers…!

Let’s just say that all the Kissing Monsters books I have written have been an unforgettable experience. I’ve genuinely loved every single minute of it as I got to know the characters better, and the world grew and shaped itself into something I’d never could have imagined as I worked on the first book at the start of 2020.

Again, the word “magic” comes to mind…~


• And… what now?

Having finished another manuscript and having no revision work this month, I feel like it’s all right to slow down a bit. I’ve worked hard enough, achieved enough, and the new year is around the corner for more goals and opportunities. I must admit I’ve been feeling a little bit tired lately, so I don’t mind taking my foot off the pedal for a bit.


(Okay, you probably saw that one coming if you’ve been following my blog for a while~)

I still can’t get enough of writing, so I have decided to work on a side project for now that doesn’t have to be finished in a certain amount of time; I’ve already written the plot outline for this book back in May or June, so I’ve been itching to work on it for several months 😀 I’m pretty excited about this story, and will tell you guys some more about it in the next update!


On that note, I’m going to wrap up this post! I’ll be blogging some more this month, so you’ll all hear from me soon with some cool new book releases, announcements, and of course the annual let’s-look-back-at-the-past-year for an overview of 2020. Considering the way this year has been… that should be interesting 😛

Wishing you all a lovely December! Can you feel the magic too?


— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


December is MAGIC! I agree! 🙂 Great to hear you finished the last KISSING PASSION, the eighth book in the Kissing Monsters series! CONGRATS TO YOU! I think a lot of readers (including me!) are looking forward how this story continues – best series EVER! 🙂 Great idea to take it easy the coming weeks, you did a lot of work in 2020! HAVE A GREAT DECEMBER! 🙂

Thank you so much, Stone!! So glad you’re enjoying the Kissing Monsters books ♥️ Wishing you a lovely December as well! 😁

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