Kissing Monsters Collection (KM Col. #1) & KISSING NIGHTMARES (Kissing Monsters #5): Official cover reveals and release dates

“Her name is Kiss”


Dear Monster Kissers ♥️

Today I am excited to reveal the covers and announce the official release dates for two new additions to the Romantic Dark Fantasy Kissing Monsters series!


• Kissing Monsters Collection #1 (PAPERBACK EDITION)

As all Kissing Monsters books are being released in eBook format only because the titles are simply too short to be published in print separately, I’m happy to announce that the first four books have been put together and now make up the very first Kissing Monsters Collection! My designer has done a terrific job designing the cover as well as the interior of the book — I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way this book has turned out, and it’s so surreal to see the words of Kiss’s and Zane’s story now printed on actual pages 🙂


Kissing Monsters Collection #1 releases in paperback edition for $11.99 on December 8th, 2020 on Amazon


Also, mainly for readers who are new to the series, an eBook edition of the Collection will also be released on December 8th and can be pre-ordered:

Amazon for $4.99

Kobo for $4.99

Barnes&Noble for $4.99


• KISSING NIGHTMARES (Kissing Monsters #5)

“Half-dreaming, Zane reaches out expecting to find Kiss’s body next to him, to let his hands roam over her soft, round curves and satin skin, his arms aching to pull her closer so he can bury his face in her hair and then sink back into sleep, into a dream in which he can kiss her shoulder, her collarbones, her neck, her cheek, her lips.

He reaches.
But the bed is empty.”


The love story of Kiss and Zane continues in this fifth installment of the Kissing Monsters series. On the run from Nyokah and the other angels and trying to find a way to tame Lady Scarlet, they soon cross paths with Skylar… and creatures so dark, the world has never seen them before.


KISSING NIGHTMARES releases in ebook edition for $1.99 on December 22nd, 2020



Amazon for $1.99

Kobo for $1.99

Barnes&Noble for $1.99



These two books will be my final publications of 2020 — all other sequels of both the Kissing Monsters series and the Insomnia Saga are scheduled for 2021 (possibly even 2022, but let’s not think that far ahead yet, lol).

I hope you’re all looking forward to KISSING NIGHTMARES and/or the Collection ♥️ If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!


— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


WOWWOWWOW! The Kissing Monster Book Bundle looks STUNNING! Beautiful cover design for 4 beautiful books! AMAZING! And although I have already collected and read all parts separately, I would actually like to add the bundle version of the first 4 Kissing Monsters books to my Lynn Robin collection! So count me in as one of your buyers on december 8th 🙂

And, KIssing Monster part 5 is coming too!!!! I was already looking forward to December to celebrate Christmas, but December will also be the month to read Lynn Robin books! 🙂 Thank YOU for writing fantastic books! 🙂

Ooh wow, thank you so much Stone!! I think it’s awesome you’ll also want to purchase the paperback edition, I’m so grateful! I hope you’ll like it 😉

And yes, book 5 releases as well! Thank you for your wonderful words, you’re so kind <3

Congratulations on the book cover design, it looks very tasteful and professional! Looking forward to read KM part 5 in december! Thank you for the update!

Thank you, RHS!! I’m glad you like it and that you’re looking forward to book 5! 😉

The covers looking stunning and I am looking forward to book 5!

Thank you, IngeJo, that’s great to hear!! 😀

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