Playing his music brings a sense of freedom.

    It gives him strength, a power that has nothing to do with monsters.

    This simply is the song of his soul.

    And his soul once was lonely and tragic and heavy, but now it’s shimmering with hope and light and love—yes, love.



Hi, dear Monster Kissers~!

Today is the official release of KISSING GHOSTS, the fourth book in the Mature YA Romantic Dark Fantasy Kissing Monsters series!

Let’s celebrate this book birthday together!


KISSING GHOSTS is available for $1.99 on:



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• KISSING GHOSTS (Kissing Monsters #4)

For a wild moment Scarlet considered brushing her mouth against Julian’s—something urged her on, a need she couldn’t say she ever felt before.
Perhaps it was his beauty.
Or perhaps it was the mystery that surrounded him, something that told her there was more to him than met the eye.
Something broken.

Kiss is Scarlet; Scarlet is Kiss.

After revealing himself as Julian, Lock has returned Kiss’s memories to her—but the past is more painful than the agony she had to endure not remembering, as a tale of toxic love unravels in her mind.

As Kiss finds herself trapped in dark recollections and a version of herself that threatens to take over her new identity, Zane brings along Skylar as an ally as he enters Lock’s lair, determined to find his one true love.

And free her.

But Lock has surrounded himself with all the monsters once belonging to Zane’s collection, unwilling to relinquish Kiss as he savors her heartbreak, and will do everything in his power to keep Zane from reaching her.

Confronted with their own shadowy pasts, Zane has to battle loneliness once more and Skylar has to choose to remember her old self or embrace the slumbering powers inside her… while attracting the unwanted attention of Lock.

The games have only just begun.



With this fourth release, we’re already halfway the Kissing Monsters series! I’m so excited 😀

KISSING GHOSTS felt especially dark and intense for me to write, as I had to dive into the mind of Lock — and let’s just say it is a dark, wicked place. No surprise there, considering he’s a monster 😉

I hope you will enjoy this installment! I’ve already received some wonderful pre-release reviews, so I couldn’t be happier… but of course I hope my other readers will like it just as much~

Feel free to drop me a line anytime; on my blog, on social media, through email; I always love hearing from my readers ❤️ Also, I’d appreciate it if you’d consider adding the book to your Goodreads!


— Lynn


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I can’t wait to read this book, I love this serie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much, it makes me so happy to hear/read that! ❤️

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