NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Nocturne Files (Insomnia Saga 2.5)

First, the Nightprowlers brought them together.
Then, they divided them forever.


Hi there, Sleepwalkers! Today we’re celebrating the official release of The Nocturne Files, book 2.5 in the Insomnia Saga and the second short story collection to be featured in the series!

The Nocturne Files contains a novella and a short story written in dual perspectives, diving deeper into the series’ past and the lives of Nilisa Solovey and Alain Somnus, whose names we’ve encountered in NOCTURNE (Insomnia Saga #2)…


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• The Nocturne Files (Insomnia Saga #2.5)

The Nocturne Files contains a novella and an accompanying short story, told from the perspectives of Alain Somnus and Nilisa Solovey; a young man who became the world’s savior when he discovered powers with which he could battle the darkest creatures ever known to man—and a girl who believed them to be angels instead.

First, the Nightprowlers brought them together.
Then, they divided them forever.

File #1, told from dual perspective, revisits the night Alain Somnus performed a ritual of shadows, opening a gate to the realm of Night and accidentally inviting the demons to spill into his world.
The Masters of Night, the monsters are called—yet Nilisa Solovey, Alain’s unwilling fiancée, knows them as the Night Angels instead, for her secret lover, Orion, has been able to see them since he was a child.
And the moment Alain starts fighting them, Nilisa knows it is up to her to protect them—even if it means losing her family, her wealth, her life. Everything.

Nilisa’s story continues in File #2, as she struggles to live in a new world where angels are viewed as devils. Alain has opened the Somnus Academy and is teaching the people how to become Summoners of Light, making Nilisa realize she needs to gather like-minded men and women to stop the slaughtering of divine creatures.
As she crosses paths with the Queen of the Night Angels, an opportunity presents itself for Nilisa that enables her to become a soldier in this war of Night and Light, and save all that she loves:
A man, broken in the eyes of others. A child, who she believes deserves a better world. A queen, destined to rule.



Writing this short story collection has been a lot of fun and rather interesting, as it allowed me to explore the history of the Insomnia Saga‘s universe even deeper — and writing from Nilisa’s perspective was especially intense, considering she’s on the side of the Nightprowlers and regards them as actual angels (!). Let’s just say it was freakishly cool to live in her head for some time 😉

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line here on my blog, on social media, through email; I’ll get back to you ASAP ❤️ Also, I’d appreciate it if you’d consider adding the book to your Goodreads!


— Lynn


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🙂 Just bought it; another Lynn Robin book for my ‘wish-to-read-list’ ❤️ YOUR BOOKS ARE GREAT! ❤️

Ohmigosh, thanks so much!! 😍

I just bought your book and I can’t wait to start reading it📚❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

That’s so amazing, thank you!! I hope you’ll enjoy this latest installment in the Insomnia Saga! ❤️

I have purchased the book and going to read it this weekend! Excited to find out how this story continues! Thank you for writing great books!

That’s so awesome, thank you, RHS! I hope you’ll enjoy the read and I wish you a cozy weekend! 😉

I just had to let you know, I’ve read the book and it’s absolutely amazing, I had a great time! You’re such a good and original writer! Have a great sunday and I’m looking forward to read more of your stories.

Oh wow, thank you very much, RHS! I appreciate it so much that you’re letting me know you’ve enjoyed The Nocturne Files! This makes me really happy ♥️ Wishing you a lovely Sunday as well!

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