OCTOBER 2020 Writing Update #1: Kisses and Secrets

“I want to make a world for you where you will no longer have to hide or be ashamed.
A world where you can be in love with angels.”

— The Nocturne Files (Insomnia Saga 2.5) —


Hi monster kissers!

Since it’s already the 7th of October, I figured a quick writing update wouldn’t hurt 😉


• Editing: I’m nearly done!

Last Monday I did my final edits on the manuscripts for The Nocturne Files, which means that book 2.5 in the Insomnia Saga is ready to be prepared for its official publication on October 27th! Yesterday I started my final round of revisions on KISSING GHOSTS (Kissing Monsters 4); as it’s a pretty short manuscript, I should be done editing by tomorrow.

My beta-readers and I have been so busy with these revisions lately, so I’m kind of glad it’s coming to an end 😉 Well. For now, that is. I’ll probably be back at it by the end of the month, but let’s not think about that yet~


• 5-starred reviews for KISSING MONSTERS!

I can still barely wrap my head around this, but KISSING MONSTERS has received a few mind-blowing reviews last week, and the same goes for the sequels, KISSING SHADOWS and KISSING SCARLET — all of them with 5-starred ratings! Consider me speechless. I mean, this is all a writer could wish for, right?

I’m just so glad and grateful that more and more readers are discovering the love story of Kiss and Zane, and are enjoying it ❤️ This makes working on this series even more fun — as well as a bit daunting, because I really can’t let anyone down with the sequels now, can I? (*No pressure!!)




KISSING SECRETS is book 7 in the Kissing Monsters series — and yesterday I finally finished writing the plot outline! Yes, finally; I’ve been working on it for nearly two weeks (I know it’s not that long, but I’m kind of used to working faster and my brain being much quicker than this, lol), but especially last week my mind was so full and busy, it just made me feel terribly restless and out of sorts. I had a bit of trouble focusing on my work and the ideas just didn’t seem to want to come to me. I don’t know, maybe the stars weren’t in proper alignment 😉

However, to get back on my feet I’ve started to dedicate myself some more to daily meditation and yoga, and it’s already helping me feel more grounded; my inspiration is flowing again, and that certainly helped me finishing the book’s plot outline.

Today I’ve began working on the actual book and I’m loving the process~

Yep. It’s book 7 out of 8 already.

I almost can’t believe it — it’s making me feel both excited as well as sad, because I actually really don’t want this to end or to have to say goodbye to Kiss, Zane and the others 😭😅 Anyway. I try not to think of it too much!



• October madness!

Next week and the following one I’ll be working together with my magical book designer to prepare The Nocturne Files, KISSING GHOSTS and the very first Kissing Monsters paperback collection (which will include books 1 to 4) for their releases in October, November and December! I’ll keep you guys posted in my story on Instagram — it’s going to be so much fun 😀 I’ll never tire of seeing my manuscripts be turned into actual books~

More information on the Kissing Monsters books — regarding the release dates, etc. — I’ll share with you all very soon!


• Halloween is coming

A small collection of grinning pumpkins, a plate filled with tiny skulls, stringed lights with flying bats, skeleton fingers crawling down the fireplace… we’ve already decorated the house here and are ready for Halloween! I actually wanted to share photos, but ever since the first of October the weather has been absolutely dreadful. It’s been raining almost constantly, rendering my attempts at photographs into smudgy, pixelated pictures 😅 Ah well, can’t be helped.

Are you ready for Halloween as well? Grinning pumpkins? A creepy book? A scary movie?


Okay, so this concludes the very first October Writing Update! I think I truly managed to keep it rather short and sweet, which was the whole point of posting more updates throughout the month instead of a huge one at the end. Feel free the tell me what you think of this new “system” 😉


— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


I am looking forward to your new books, because I am a big fan of the Insomnia books but also the Kissing monsters serie i do enjoy very much.
And I can imagine that it will be very hard to say goodbye to Kiss and Zane.
Have fun writing and have a good Halloween 🎃🥰❤️📚

I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy both of my series; thank you 🙂 And yes, saying goodbye to Kiss and Zane is going to be difficult indeed!! Happy early Halloween to you too! 😀 🎃

I do fully understand why your books received 5 STAR ratings from so many readers, IT’S SIMPLE: ALL YOUR BOOKS ARE AMAZING! 🙂

Like IngeJo, here in the comments, I’m also a big fan of your books, so I can imagine lots and lots of (new) readers soon will discover your books and will enjoy reading them, like we do 🙂 !

Wishing you a ‘frightfull and eerie’ halloween 🙂 KEEP ON WRITING! 🙂

Ooh, thank you so much, Stone, that’s so nice of you to say!! ❤️ And an early “frightful and eerie” Halloween to you too! 😉

Congrats with receiving so many positve reviews! And you deserve it. I do agree with both Stone and IngeJo that your books are very good! So the 5 star ratings, to me, were no suprise at all. I’m looking forward to your new publications and have a nice Halloween!

Thank you, RHS, I really appreciate that! 🙂 Happy early Halloween to you too!!

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