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Hey there, shadow darlings!


A few months ago — in June — I decided to remove the Kissing Monsters series and the Insomnia Saga ebooks from sites such as Kobo and Barnes&Noble, all so I could enroll them in Amazon’s “KDP Select” program. With my books exclusively for sale on Amazon, it would mean they would also be available on Kindle Unlimited, where members can read an unlimited (hey hey~ xD) amount of books for, I believe, around $10 a month. I figured this would give more people the opportunity to discover my books without them having to buy them, which could possibly boost future sales.

What I did not realize at the time, however, even after careful research (enthusiasm makes one blind, I guess), was that this gave Amazon way too much influence on my promotion — mainly, how I wish to promote my books to readers. In a nutshell, I find out that as long as my books were enrolled in KDP Select I wasn’t allowed to give away my ebooks for free through — for example — my website or email. I wouldn’t even be allowed to host online events in which people could win one of my books for free. Also, I wasn’t allowed to reach out to readers and give them a free copy, because the rules state that you can only ask “professional reviewers” for a review. I could, however, pay lots of money to Amazon to use their special “Amazon advertisements”. Which sounds great and all, but in all honesty I’m rather cynical when it comes to that kind of impersonal promotion. I’m more of a believer of word-of-mouth-marketing!

So to be honest, I wasn’t too charmed by all this. Four years ago I made the decision to go indie because I was sick of others telling me how to write my books, how many titles I was allowed to publish in a year, and even how to promote them; I went indie because I love the freedom of it. Sure, it’s hard sometimes, because you don’t have a publisher behind you to plug your book and push your sales — but the freedom is totally worth it and what I like about the hard work is that once it pays off… well. That just feels damn awesome.

Anyway, I’m going off topic here: For these reasons I have removed my books from KDP’s program last week and published them again on Smashwords. I can now happily announce that both the Kissing Monsters series and Insomnia Saga ebooks are again available on Amazon and Kobo, Barnes&Noble, and of course Smashwords.


I hope my decision of last summer hasn’t affected any of my readers negatively, making it harder for you to obtain my books. If I did, I apologize! As an author dreaming of sharing her stories with readers from all over the world, I keep looking for more effective ways to promote my books. I thought this could be it, and hey, maybe after some time it would have helped, but there were simply too many restrictions.


The pages of the Insomnia Saga and Kissing Monsters series have been updated and the links to the stores have been added to the information column on the right (or if you’re on your tablet, underneath)! I still have to add Barnes&Noble to the list, but it tends to take some time for ebooks to show up there. Soon, though!

I hope you’ll all understand 🙂 Have a lovely day! ❤️


— Lynn

Posted by Lynn Robin


Very clear and well-made decision; stay indie and stay free to make your own choices – have a great day too! 🙂

Thank you, Stone! Power to the indies 😉

I totally agree with Stone, your decision to go indie can’t be overruled by the likes of Amazon and the restrictions they have. Good for you, that your taking it in your own hands again. I know that your going to be a great hit because your books are awesome!📚❤️😍

Indeed! I guess you sometimes need to try things out before you know what works and what doesn’t 🙂 And thanks so much for your kind words!! You’re one of my most dedicated readers, IngeJo, and your messages always make my day 😀 Thank you!!

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