NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: NOCTURNE (Insomnia Saga 2) + The Insomnia Files paperback edition

I have changed.
Castle Insomnia has broken something deep inside of me.
“Jodi,” I can still hear her drawl, “my precious, little Sleepwalker.”


Jodi Collins and Kay Somnus return


Hey there! Indeed, Jodi Collins and Kay Somnus return in today’s anticipated release: NOCTURNE, the second full-length installment to the Insomnia Saga, in which the story continues three months after the events of INSOMNIA.


• NOCTURNE is available on Amazon worldwide in paperback edition for $14.99


• NOCTURNE is available on Amazon worldwide in ebook edition for $3.99

+ NOCTURNE’s ebook edition is also available through Kindle Unlimited!


Watch the official book trailer:


• NOCTURNE (Insomnia Saga #2)

I have changed.
Castle Insomnia has broken something deep inside of me.
“Jodi,” I can still hear her drawl, “my precious, little Sleepwalker.”


Jodi Collins and Kay Somnus return.


Three months ago, they defeated the strongest Nightprowler the world had ever seen; three months ago, they were accused of conspiring with Annabelle, and had to run for their lives; three months ago, they decided to raise their own army: Insomnia.

Jodi and Kay, still living in hiding, secretly travel from city to city to exorcise Nightprowlers and spread the name of Insomnia. Their army is growing, but so is the hatred towards Sleepwalkers—new laws have been passed, rights have been stolen, and the world is becoming a divided place.

But Jodi has changed. While fighting them, she fears the demons of the Night in a way she never did before, and she might be on the verge of losing the only weapon she has: her Light.

Meanwhile, both Kay’s family and his own dark past catch up to him, forcing him to fight the hardest battle he has ever fought in his life: opening up to those around him, while he knows a piece of the Night is still clinging to his soul.

With the arrival of the mysterious but violent Soulless Army, Jodi starts to believe Annabelle might very well be alive—and as the world grows darker, enemies gather, and Jodi’s and Kay’s paths divide, any-thing seems possible.

Jodi will have to fight for her Light, Kay will have to save her, and together they will have to accept they are both soldiers in an inevitable war.

They might have defeated Annabelle.
But the fight is far from over.



Writing NOCTURNE has been intense, and the book has gone through many changes; as some of you probably know, I actually started writing the Insomnia Saga books in Dutch, and at first I had planned to write only two books since it was supposed to be a duology.

The story kept on evolving in my head, however, the characters began to grow and turned out to have many more sides to them and secrets that had to be unraveled, and I soon realized I simply couldn’t fit all of this into just two books — which was why I began writing the second book time and time again, until I finally realized what I had to do:

If I wanted to do this story and my characters any justice, I had to add more books to this series 😉

After that decision, I began working on book 2 once more — and this time, everything just flowed. And that has resulted in the book I’m releasing today: NOCTURNE.

As I said, writing NOCTURNE has been an intense experience, not just because I had to start over several times, but also because it felt a bit darker than INSOMNIA and because I got to know Jodi and Kay a whole lot better… and discovered some painful moments in their pasts, yet also in their present life: as the blurb says, Jodi has changed, and I could truly feel her struggling with that while writing.

I sincerely hope you, my readers, can feel it too — and will keep on rooting for her along the way 🙂



• The Insomnia Files (Insomnia Saga 1.5) paperback release OUT NOW

As I released the Insomnia Saga‘s first short story collection back in April, entitled The Insomnia Files, COVID-19 had just broken out all across the world a few weeks prior. We all experienced a certain amount of anxiety — and, well, so did I, which made me feel a little uncomfortable ordering physical copies of books, etc., online. Which was why I postponed the release of The Insomnia Files‘ paperback.

In hindsight, I might’ve been a bit (well, VERY) overly cautious and let my anxiety talk a bit too loudly — I apologize for that! ^^”

However, to make it up, I’m releasing The Insomnia Files in paperback today! It’s available on Amazon worldwide 🙂


• You can order your copy here for $8.99!



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I hope you will also enjoy NOCTURNE! I’m so excited to finally be able to share this Insomnia Saga installment with the world; I’ve been looking forward to this day for months!

If you have any questions or just want to leave a message, please feel free to do so! ?


— Lynn

Posted by Lynn Robin


THIS IS SUCH GREAT NEWS! I have been waiting for this! 🙂 The summer holidays are coming, the best time to enjoy reading your latest book NOCTURNE ! Thank you for writing such great and exciting books! Going to buy it NOW 🙂

Thank you very much, Stone! It makes me so happy to read this! 🙂 I hope NOCTURNE will be a great read for your summer holidays; please enjoy!!

Thank you for buying, reading, and liking my books — and taking the time to leave this wonderful comment <3

I am going to buy Nocturne for holiday reading, i think the story will evolve fantastic!??

Ooh, thank you so much, IngeJo!! ? I hope you’ll enjoy reading NOCTURNE during your holiday! ♥️

Much like Stone and IngeJo, I also going to read your book Nocturne during the coming holiday period! I love this series and am very curious how the story continues!

Thank you, RHS! I hope you’ll enjoy this latest installment to the Insomnia Saga! Thanks for reading and your support <3

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