NEW RELEASE | OUT NOW: The Insomnia Files (Insomnia Saga 1.5) — eBook edition

Dive deeper into the Insomnia Saga universe


Out today — the very first Insomnia Saga short story collection: The Insomnia Files.

The Insomnia Saga is an action-packed Upper Young Adult Dark Fantasy Romance series, set in a fictional modern world, where people can wield actual Light as a weapon which they use to fight the greatest enemy of mankind—demons, called the Nightprowlers.

The Summoners, the Nightprowlers, Jodi, Kay, we’ve all met them in the first official installment of the series, INSOMNIA — but there is a story behind everything and everyone, and that’s what this collection is all about.

Released as book 1.5 in the series, The Insomnia Files allows the reader to dive deeper into the pasts of Jodi, Kay, and that of the very first Summoner who, a few centuries ago, rose to fight the Nightprowlers: Alain Somnus.


The Insomnia Files is available worldwide in eBook edition; visit this page to find the direct link to your store of preference!


Watch the first official teaser trailer:



• The Insomnia Files (Insomnia Saga #1.5)

The Insomnia Files contains three short stories written from three different perspectives, diving deeper into the Insomnia Saga universe.

FILE #1 tells the story of Jodi Collins and takes place four years prior to INSOMNIA: Thirteen years old, Jodi has just started working for the Miller Academy. As she’s sent on a mission on a dark, wintery night, she has no choice but to confront the demons of the Night—and fight them.

In FILE #2 fifteen-year old Kay Somnus is about to take his final exam to become the youngest Summoner in history… but in order to succeed, he will have to pretend—and believe—he is someone he’s not, and forever deny himself his true power.

Alain Somnus, the very first Summoner of Light, is the voice of FILE #3. Hundreds of years ago, he opened a gate and allowed dark powers to spill in that would change the world forever… creating the darkest secret ever kept. Haunted by nightmares and his failure to protect the only girl who had ever managed to touch his heart, he opened the Somnus Academy—but could he live with the lies?



• Paperback release coming later this year

The paperback edition of The Insomnia Files was initially scheduled to be released today alongside the eBook, but because of the current circumstances, the paperback has been postponed. Read all about it here!

I hope to see the paperback released later this year, but… one step at a time 🙂



I’ve really enjoyed working on The Insomnia Files. It allowed me to understand my characters even better, especially Kay and Alain — and Alain’s story, since it takes places literally centuries ago, opened up new possibilities for the series’ future releases: there are more Insomnia Saga short story collections on the way, in which I’ll explain even more about the series’ past, about the very first Summoners who opened their academies and began fighting the Nightprowlers, and especially more about the enigmatic Somnus family.

If you’ve read and liked INSOMNIA, I hope you’ll pick up The Insomnia Files as well and that you’ll enjoy it — and, after reading it, have an even better understanding of the characters’ deepest thoughts and desires, and also the world-building.


The Insomnia Files is available worldwide in eBook edition; visit this page to find the direct link to your store of preference!




Are you new to the Insomnia Saga and would you like a sneak peek? There is also a short story available, written especially for first-time Insomnia Saga readers, introducing Jodi Collins and the world of Summoners, Sleepwalkers and Nightprowlers.

It’s a FREE download and includes the first few chapters of INSOMNIA. Go ahead and check out this page to find your preferred download link!



• INSOMNIA participates in #AuthorsGiveBack: 60% discount on Smashwords!

“Stay home, stay safe” — is has become quite the mantra on social media, as we all encourage each other to stay indoors during these crazy times with COVID-19 on the loose.

To help people find new books to read as they have much more free time on their hands, Smashwords has organized a special discount to do just that, allowing authors to enroll and discount their books.

Because I believe that INSOMNIA is able to help people get through this craziness (and not to be dramatic, but it seems like it’s going to be like this for a while longer), I also enrolled the eBook into Smashword’s Authors Give Back discount; until April 20, I’m giving 60% off on INSOMNIA!


Find it here.


I’m aware that several of you already own the book, but if you happen to know someone who hasn’t read it yet and might like it, please feel free to share this 🙂

I hope that Jodi’s courage will inspire you and give you strength — it certainly helps me ?



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I hope you will all be able to escape reality for a bit while you’re reading The Insomnia Files. Tell me: which story included in this collection are you the most curious about?

If you have any questions or just want to leave a message, please feel free to do so! 😀



— Lynn

Posted by Lynn Robin


Kimberly Jolanda

Congrats on a new book-birthday, Lynny!

The Insomnia Files is a great collection, of which especially the third story that focuses on Alain Somnus is a brilliant piece of world AND story building that I thoroughly enjoyed reading!

Stay awesome, stay amazing!

Love, Kimmy xx

Thanks so much, Kim! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed Alain's story — I loved writing it 😀

The Insomnia Files short story collection is AMAZING!

If you think Lynn Robin’s book INSOMNIA is great, you will love The Insomnia Files; so much more information about the characters and beautiful written action packed fantasy, drama and romance! To me, author Lynn Robin is on the way to placing herself among the world’s top fantasy writers! A must read!

Hi, Stone, and WOW — thank you so much for your message and kind words!! I’m so excited to hear that you’ve already finished reading The Insomnia Files, and that you enjoyed the short stories! 😀

Thank you <3

The Insomnia Files are great stories to read. I enjoyed reading every page! Like Stone said earlier, I also think that Lynn Robin is a world-class writer!

Thank you so much, RHS, for your wonderful words!! They make my day~ <3

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