Mad World | The Insomnia Files paperback release postponed

Hello everyone,

It’s a mad world out there, isn’t it?

Schools and universities have been closed, people who can are supposed to work from home, and even restaurants, cinemas and other shops and places had to close their doors. Barely anyone uses public transportation, and the streets are eerily quiet.

Really, I had no idea the world could be this silent.

When I woke up this morning, all I heard was birdsong — while I’m used to hearing people, mainly parents yelling at their kids to get a move on. This morning? Nothing.

It’s scary to think that a thing like a virus can shut down our world and lives like this… and meanwhile, nature doesn’t seem to care; the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the weather is lovely. And yet, I hardly dare stepping outside, because suddenly the outside world seems menacing to me, every person you meet a hazard.

Like I said on social media last weekend, my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with anxiety, people panicking, and others arguing whether we’re overreacting or not. I myself am a rather cautious person, so I must admit I feel a sense of anxiety as well — and while I’ve always been a bit of a hermit, it’s even worse now. I’m staying indoors as much as possible, and don’t even risk going out for a run. I did last week, though, but the atmosphere was strange; everyone was watching the other, and I got the sense everyone just wanted to get indoors as soon as possible. Myself included, to be honest! 😉

And on that note…



• The Insomnia Files paperback release postponed

Some might think I’m overreacting and that this precaution isn’t necessary, but I’ve made my decision anyway: on April 7th the short story collection The Insomnia Files (Insomnia Saga 1.5) would be released in both paperback and eBook edition, but I have decided to postpone the paperback release to later this year.

I publish my paperbacks with Amazon, and looking at the fact that my latest book, INSOMNIA, was first printed in Poland, then shipped to Germany, and then again shipped to the Netherlands to get it to me, I simply don’t feel comfortable placing any orders online for the time being.


>>> The eBook release of The Insomnia Files, however, will still be published on April 7th! <<<


I even thought of postponing the release entirely, but I read a Tweet last weekend in which someone said that the world needs creative people the most right now, and so I realized that publishing a new eBook would actually be a nice thing since everyone is mainly staying indoors these days 🙂 (In any case, I know I am really enjoying reading and other indoors activities at the moment, now more than ever.)

So, if you really want to get your hands on The Insomnia Files paperback edition, I apologize for the delay in the release, but I believe you should do whatever you feel comfortable with, which is why I made this decision. As soon as things normalize again (and I really hope that’s sooner than later), I will publish the paperback ASAP — however, the eBook will be available in any format you prefer in many online (book)stores ?

In anticipation to the release (which will be in 3 weeks!), I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of both Kay’s short story as well as Alain’s, which are both included in this collection! To find out more about The Insomnia Files, check out this page! (Third in list!)


• Stay well, stay safe

With this post I also wanted to check up on you guys; how are you doing, and how are you experiencing everything right now? I hope you’re well and in good health 🙂

Stay well, stay safe.

(I even came up with a cool mantra for myself: KEEP CALM AND WRITE ON. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?!)


Wishing you all the best of health ❤️

— Lynn


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Posted by Lynn Robin


Yes, it’s a strange world right now. It’s getting greener every day and the nature is really beautiful, but it feels very awkward knowing that there is some creepy invisible disease lurking outside. So I’m glad that you’re releasing your e-book as planned and I am looking forward to it.
Stay safe and enjoy yourself with books, games, music, series and films.

Thank you for your message, IngeJo, I’m glad to read you’re doing all right! 🙂 And indeed, it kind of feels like this monster is prowling through the streets outside, ready to pounce any minute. (Now we’re starting to make it sound even more ominous than it already is, haha)

I hope you’ll enjoy the eBook edition of The Insomnia Files once it’s released, and I wish you all the best 😀 And yes, enjoy your hobbies too!

Great to hear you’ll still release your e-books as planned, and I do understand you being careful with releasing printed books! I think creative people like you (writers, fim- and tv-serie producers, game makers) are very important because you all are creating things that can distract many people to get through this period of uncertainty.

Looking forward to your beautiful books and, please stay healty! 🙂

Thanks so much for your kind, wonderful message, Stone! 🙂 I’m happy you understand my current hesitation towards releasing the printed edition, and I’m also really glad to hear that books and films and video games help you get through these strange times; it’s the same for me 😉

Wishing you the best of health too! Stay strong so I can keep on sharing my stories with you <3 😀

I also think it’s a better idea, to postpone the printed version or your book for the time being, until the corona virus crisis is over. Anyway, I’m going to buy the ebook version of The Insomnia Files when it comes out, I’m looking forward to reading it! Stay healthy and keep writing!

Thank you, RHS! I hope you will enjoy the ebook edition of The Insomnia Files, and that it will distract you for a while 🙂 <3

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