“You can be more — so much more than a demon’s servant; so much more than an instrument of shadows.”


Today is the official release of KISSING MONSTERS, a dark yet romantic short story written for Valentine’s Day — and best of all? It’s a FREE download ?

Find out what it’s about…:


“When you kiss a monster, you turn them into angels.
If you’d kiss the Collector, he would turn you into a monster.
So… what happens if you would kiss a human?”

Her name is Kiss.

She travels the world to find monsters to kiss and turn them into angels—for the world has too many monsters and too few angels, she believes; too many shadows and too few stars in the sky.

But then she crosses paths with Zane, a young human man, a lost and lonely cello player, who tells her about the Collector—a monster who would turn her into a demon if she’d kiss him.

The Collector wants and claims everything that catches his attention.
And so, he starts hunting for Kiss.

Will she run? Will she stay and fight?
Or could Zane, a mere human, save her instead?


>>> KISSING MONSTERS is a free eBook! Find your preferred download link here <<<


The concept for this story had been in my head for several months, and early January I suddenly realized that Valentine’s Day was coming up and that this story would be perfect for it 🙂 Perhaps it’s not your usual Valentine’s tale, because no, it’s not a sugary story filled with roses and blushes, and yes, it involves actual monsters. But don’t worry, plenty of kisses are shared ?


I hope you all enjoy reading KISSING MONSTERS! I had a great time writing it, so I hope it’ll bring you joy as well 😀

(Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to read this on Valentine’s Day — you could read it any time, really, because monsters and romance are never out of season, right?)


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Thanks so much for reading everyone ❤️



— Lynn

Posted by Lynn Robin


Lynn Robin, thank you for this FREE eBook: Very generous! I love all your books/stories, I know I’m going to enjoy reading this 🙂

You’re welcome, Stone, and thank you so much for your enthusiasm and for reading! I hope it brings you joy 😀

Thank you for the free book! The title makes me curious and I like the book cover ✌️

That’s great to hear, RHS, thank you! I hope you enjoy reading KISSING MONSTERS 🙂

This is an amazing and very beautiful story. I love it.

Thank you so much, IngeJo! I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed reading KISSING MONSTERS ❤️

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