“I had become the monster of fairytales. A creature that was feared, and had to be locked away forever.”


Today is the day!: The official release of INSOMNIA, the first book in the Insomnia Saga series ?

The Insomnia Saga is an action-packed Dark Fantasy Upper Young Adult series, set in a fictional modern world, where people can wield actual Light as a weapon which they use to fight the greatest enemy of mankind—demons, called the Nightprowlers.


INSOMNIA is available worldwide in paperback and eBook edition; visit this page to find the direct link to your store of preference!


Watch the official book trailer:


• INSOMNIA (Insomnia Saga #1)

I caught my reflection in the mirror and looked at the girl staring back at me. Long, brown hair, falling over thin shoulders; tanned skin; green eyes; arms wrapped in bandages, hiding scars.

And at once, I was able to see what everybody else saw.

I had become the monster of fairytales. A creature that was feared, and had to be locked away forever.


Jodi Collins is a Sleepwalker.

An outcast. A pariah.

Five years ago, she was attacked by a creature darker than shadows, a demon without a face, a monster hungry for her body: a Nightprowler.
A nightmare that comes to life as soon as the sun sets, drenching the world in darkness.

When a Nightprowler attacks you, two things can happen: it will either claim your body to use as a host, or it will mark you as a Sleepwalker.

Sleepwalkers are feared and despised, believed to conspire with the Nightprowlers and threaten mankind.

Stigmatized by the telltale scars of the Night, Jodi and her parents were forced to move to the slums of Reid, where the alleys are filled with vagrants during the day, and Nightprowlers during the night. No school or employer would have her.
And her parents blamed her for destroying their life.

Now seventeen years old, Jodi is working for the Summoners—the worldwide army that has been battling the Nightprowlers for centuries—who hire her to defeat a Nightprowler that lures countless of victims into its castle while disguising itself as a human; a Nightprowler too dangerous for an average human to fight. It seems like it can only be defeated by another creature of the dark: a Sleepwalker.

Unable to refuse this mission and the money it will earn her, Jodi sets out to find the Nightprowler—but not on her own.
Help comes in the form of the arrogant Kay Somnus, a young Summoner disgusted by Sleepwalkers. And yet, they have to find a way to combine their forces and exorcize this Nightprowler.

Jodi’s future depends on this mission—but what does Kay expect to gain from it?

A castle of darkness and storms, filled with whispers and skulls.
Secrets will be revealed. Lives will be changed.
Neither Jodi nor Kay will ever be the same.



I’ve been working so hard and long toward the international publication of INSOMNIA…; it actually feels a bit “unreal” 😉 However, I hope you will all enjoy this first book in the Insomnia Saga!

It’s dark, it’s freaky, I’ve been told by beta-readers that it can be downright creepy at times, yet I hope you’ll all be able to find the light (or actual Light) in this story as well. I’ve written INSOMNIA with a certain philosophy in mind:

INSOMNIA is about the never-ending fight between light and darkness, something I’ve taken quite literal in this book, but the philosophy behind the Summoners and their Light is one quite close to my own personal philosophy about life: I do believe in inner strength. I believe anyone can achieve anything as long as they don’t give up, as long as they keep fighting, and, especially, as long as they believe in themselves.

And on that note — thank you for your interest in INSOMNIA, and please enjoy this first installment in the Insomnia Saga; more releases are coming soon! ?


>> INSOMNIA (Insomnia Saga #1) is available worldwide in paperback and eBook edition! Visit this page for the direct link to your preferred store! <<<




Are you new to the Insomnia Saga and would you like a sneak peek? There is also a short story available, written especially for first-time Insomnia Saga readers, introducing Jodi Collins, and the world of Summoners, Sleepwalkers and Nightprowlers.

It’s a FREE download and includes the first few chapters of INSOMNIA. Go ahead and check out this page to find your preferred download link!


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— Lynn

Posted by Lynn Robin


Just purchased the book; can’t wait to read it in English! 🙂

Thanks a lot, Stone, that’s great to hear! I hope you enjoy this version of INSOMNIA 😀

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