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This is just a quick in-between update concerning INSOMNIA‘s release next week! Normally I save these kinds of things for my monthly writing updates, but I felt like sharing a small peek behind the scenes with you guys today 🙂



If you’ve read my January Writing Update, you know that my team of beta-readers and I were working hard last month to edit the manuscript of INSOMNIA for the final time. Then last week I sat down with my designer — who honestly helps me with everything, concerning the eBook, the paperback (interior design and cover), my website, book trailers, you name it (yes, she’s bloody amazing, that one).

However, this morning we wrapped things up, which means that everything is ready for the official release of INSOMNIA!

Ever since 2020 has started, we’ve been working at this crazy, relentless pace, because so much had to be done before the 11th of February, which is the release day of INSOMNIA. I’ve also been working through weekends, editing, writing, scheduling things, but after finishing all of the work today, it looks like things are about to settle down a bit.

Well, “settle down”—there’s still much work to be done; of course, INSOMNIA releases next week, and I even have another small release planned for Valentine’s Day (more info coming soon!), which means posting blog posts, sharing promotional ads on social media, and lots of other small things. Also, there are even more releases planned for the nearby future and I already have the release dates, so there is much I need to share with you all 🙂


What can you expect the following weeks?

INSOMNIA release (eBook & paperback)

• a Valentine’s Day short story release (free eBook)

INSOMNIA‘s official book trailer and several teasers (the book trailer will be up on YouTube next Tuesday, and the following weeks after I’ll be sharing some cool teasers! Stay tuned and subscribe here)

The Insomnia Files and NOCTURNE release date announcements

NOCTURNE cover reveal

• special INSOMNIA blog posts (short posts in which we’ll dive deeper into the Insomnia Saga universe, explaining about the Summoners, Light spells, Nightprowlers, the fictional city of Somnus, and my philosophy and inspiration behind the concepts)


I believe that’s about it! (what, is that all? :P) I don’t think 2020 is going to settle down at all, although I will be sailing some calmer waters after next week, when I’ll have the opportunity again to focus on editing manuscripts and writing new projects; I’m looking forward to it!


BEHIND THE SCENES SEP 2018 - Brainstorming

It kind of feels anticlimactic now that all the work has been done, which is actually the main reason I wrote this update; it just felt good to write it all down, to create an overview of all the things my team and I have done and I’m about to do during the next couple of months ? I feel tired as well as excited!

It’s only February, but already 2020 feels like an awesome year to me, especially creative-wise, and the entire year is filled with releases and other things I’m already looking forward to. Gotta love the positive vibes ⭐️

All right, guys, this is it! Are you also looking forward to the release of INSOMNIA? And what cool things have you been doing the last few weeks? Tell me!



— Lynn


>> INSOMNIA (Insomnia Saga #1) will be released February 11th, 2020! You can pre-order your ebook on Amazon, Kobo, and other online stores! <<<


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Posted by Lynn Robin


I already had read Insomnia in the Dutch language and it was (and still is!) one of the best books I have enjoyed reading! And to be honest, I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to order the English version too 🙂

Also looking forward to part 2: Nocturne! You are an amazing writer Lynn Robin! Good luck with the release!

Hi Stone!

Wow, thank you so much for your amazing compliments! And thanks in advance for ordering and reading the English version of Insomnia; I hope it’ll be a familiar yet new reading experience for you — it’s still the same story, but I have also added 5 new chapters and more information 🙂

Nocturne will be published later this year; I’ll announce the release date soon!

I am looking forward to the english version of Insomnia and al the follow ups!
I love you rbooks!!!

Thanks so much, IngeJo, I’m happy to hear you’re looking forward to the international Insomnia Saga releases, and that you enjoy my stories <3 It means a lot!

Like Stone here in the comments, I also have read the Dutch version of Insomnia (and many other published books written by you). Im also intrigued by the fact there now will be an English publication of the book. I very much love your writing style (you are a great storyteller!) and therefor I also wil order the English copy of Insomnia, just out of respect to you as a very skilled writer and to support your adventure as an independent writer and publisher. I hope you will sell many copies of Insomnia, this book deserves a big audience who like to read pure and original (dark) fantasy stories! Looking out to read part 2 Nocturne. Goodluck with the sales!

RHS, thank you so much for your amazing message. I’m so happy to hear you’ll also read the English publication of INSOMNIA, and I hope you will enjoy this slightly altered version of the story!

Again, thank you for your words; messages like these are what keep me going 😉

Kimberly Jolanda

❤ ❤ ❤

Best of luck with the release today, Lynny—it’s going to be AWESOME! <3

Thank you so much!! ❤️?

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